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Talika Legs Tonic Refill Patches

Toned, Less Swollen Legs

Talika Legs Tonic Refill Patches

Toned, Less Swollen Legs

  • Designed to be used with Talika Legs Tonic Device
  • Significantly reduces swelling
  • Leaves legs feeling more relaxed
  • Treatment within 20 minutes
  • Adhesive applies quickly and safely
  • Can be used up to 30 times

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Slimmer Legs in 20 Minutes

Tired and swollen legs can be begin from a number of causes, such as sedentary days, warm climate, smoking and excess water retention.

Talika Legs Tonic uses electrostimulation to send electrical impulses that stimulate localised micro-circulation to lighten and slim down the legs.

The Patches allow you to safely and securely attach the device to your calf to allow you to relieve your legs of water retention and slim them down.

How it Works

The adhesive electrode patches are specifically designed to mould to the calf to enhance the stimulation and achieve maximum results.

Attach Legs Tonic to a calf, launch the program, select a level of intensity, and let the patch do its job for 20 minutes. Repeat this process on the other calf.

Tone, soothe and slim your legs during or after the following situations: hot weather, prolonged standing, shuffling, prolonged sitting.

Daily, to relax and tone the legs of people whose jobs require prolonged standing or sitting, in cases of sedentariness or overweight.

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  • Talika Legs Tonic Refill Patches

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