How At Home LED Masks Improve Your Skin, According To A Dermatologist

• 27 November 2023

My name’s Dr. Ayah, and I run a clinic based in Harley Street (the London equivalent of Beverly Hills) where we treat everything related to dermatology.

You could say I have a special interest in cosmetic dermatology; and I’ve seen it all—acne, rosacea, wrinkles, melasma, hyperpigmentation… What I’ve found is that medical-grade LED (light-emitting diode) therapy is one of the best ways to tackle a wide range of these common skin concerns. And it’s not just me; it’s actually shown within scientific literature.

As a skincare expert and aesthetics doctor who’s been in the field for a long time, I’m here to give you my dermatologist approved skincare tips for better skin that you can easily do at home.


Do dermatologists recommend LED face masks?

If you’re wondering, ‘do LED face masks work?’ Yes. LED is a real gamer changer, depending on the wavelength.

Red and near-infrared wavelengths focus on wound healing, collagen production (your body’s natural anti-ageing protein) as well as redness and inflammation. Blue light is especially good at eliminating the bacteria that causes acne from your skin’s surface, while controlling oiliness and pore size.

About 90% of my patients are already using professional LED devices at home a few times per week. And why not? They're fantastic at supporting what we do in-clinic, and it means they’re less likely to visit me in-clinic—I’m just here as their skincare bootcamp or enhancement top up!

Financially, this works out really well because if you’re reducing wrinkles and sagging skin at home, how often will you come in for a Botox top up? Instead of the usual four times a year, we might find that you’ll only want a refresh once or twice a year.

The CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask features heavily in my in-clinic treatments. Particularly on my patients struggling with inflammatory problems such as mild cases of eczema, dermatitis or an impaired skin barrier. It uses a blend of high quality red and near-infrared light which, with continual use, does improve the quality of skin quite significantly.


LED light therapy mask professional


Dermatologist tips for clear skin

When I was younger, my sister and I also suffered from quite severe acne, which really impacted our confidence. At this time I was researching neuroscience and found evidence showing that our mental health is directly linked with our skin health (and vice versa). So even taking the 10 minutes to sit back and unwind with an LED face mask can lower stress levels and visibly improve skin that way.

We know that the less inflammation there is, the faster acne and other blemishes heal with minimal to no scarring. Integrate red and near-infrared LED light therapy consistently into your skincare routine for lasting, optimised skin health and resilience.

If you can get an LED mask with red and blue light combined, then that would be the best option for tackling the bacteria, inflammation and redness all at once. The CurrentBody Skin LED Anti-Blemish Face Mask is a great example of this, and clinical studies show that it’s 36% more effective than just using blue light alone. You might not get clear skin in a week, but you’ll definitely see a difference around the 4-week mark onwards


What’s the best dermatologist recommended lip plumper?

If one of your primary skin concerns includes reducing or preventing fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, try the CurrentBody Skin LED Lip Perfector. It has a unique combination of red, near-infrared, amber and deep red wavelengths that primarily activate plumpness, hydration and volume. The focused LED diodes on one specific area also help bathe the entire mouth area in anti-ageing light, which helps reduce any fine lines or wrinkles that may be forming.

I recommend pairing this device with the CurrentBody Skin Hydrogel Lip Mask for visible hydration—the hyaluronic acid and calming antioxidants really make a difference, especially if you’re exposed to air conditioning (which we know has an incredibly drying effect to our lips in particular).

Dermatologist approved tips for brighter underyes

This one’s actually my favourite LED device: the CurrentBody Skin LED Eye Perfector. It looks similar to an Avenger mask, but has the power to blur fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and brows, while making me look fresh and wide awake (even when I’m not feeling it). The amber, red, deep red and near-infrared wavelengths ramp up collagen—something that’s difficult to achieve in such a sensitive area of the face.


How to integrate LED into your skincare routine

Treat your LED masks like you would a sheet mask—use over clean, dry skin. I like to add a little more hydration (often my skin feels tight after cleansing) by using a high quality Green Tea Serum. The one from CurrentBody Skin is really nice because of the brightening caffeine and high antioxidant content.

Once your treatment time is up, you can continue with the rest of your skincare routine and enjoy healthy, clear and naturally glowing skin!

Dr. Ayah Aesthetics Doctor
Owner of Harmony Medical in London’s Harley Street, Komal Ayah Siddiqi works as an in-clinic aesthetics doctor. Her many years as an aesthetics doctor has helped her to translate complex concepts into easy to understand language.
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