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Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath
  • Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath
  • Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath
  • Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath
  • Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath
  • Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath
  • Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath
  • Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath
  • Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath

Lumi Recovery PRO Ice Bath

Spacious cold water therapy bath designed for optimising peak health performance

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  1. Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath (480 litre capacity)

  2. Carry Bag

  3. Floor Pump

  4. Instruction Manual

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      What you need to know:

      • Portable ice bath, ideal for professional athletes
      • Cold water therapy accelerates the body’s natural healing process in minutes
      • Designed to fit 2 people per Ice Bath up to 6’7” (2.1m) tall
      • Elevates your mood, energy levels, deep sleep quality, muscle recovery, immune system and metabolic function
      • Made from easy to clean, ultra-durable fibreglass reinforced with skin friendly PVC
      • Use once daily between 1 to 10 minutes for a noticeable boost in health and wellness

      Our expert view

      Introducing the Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath, the definitive game-changer in cold water therapy designed for professional athletes and anyone looking to maximise the benefits of cold water therapy. Restore metabolic function, energy levels and quality sleep while speeding up muscle recovery. Boost your immune system with improved circulation and reduced inflammation.

      Dive into the realm of advanced recovery with the Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath, where cold meets warmth in the ultimate wellness experience.

      Clinic-grade wellness from home

      Cold water therapy maximises the body’s natural healing process by lowering the body’s temperature after high-intensity workouts. Wellness spas, health clinics and sports therapists are increasingly offering cold water therapy to their clients to reduce high blood pressure and recovery times, while improving cardiovascular circulation. Even delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can be relieved with ice baths.

      For enthusiasts and athletes, the Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath packs up into a briefcase-sized package with a comfortably carry handle for effortless portability. Set up in as little as 5 minutes.

      Clinic-grade wellness from home

      The science behind cold water therapy

      When your body’s exposed to cold water, the blood vessels begin to constrict. When you step out, the change in temperature makes your blood vessels ​​rapidly open up again—flushing out metabolic waste, reducing muscle stiffness and accelerating post-workout recovery.

      Studies have shown that cold water therapy also produces more anti-inflammatory chemicals to reduce anxiety, depression and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

      The science behind cold water therapy
      Your questions, answered

      Your questions, answered

      Our in-house beauty tech experts answer your most commonly asked questions.

      Step 1: Place your Lumi Recovery PRO™ Ice Bath outside on a flat, stable surface.

      Step 2: Pump up with the included floor pump and fill with tap water.

      Step 3: Submerge into the water and set a timer for 10 minutes or less.

      Step 4: Once the time is up, step out and secure the Thermo Lid over the Lumi Recovery PRO™ to protect and regulate.

      Expert Advice: Start by spending no more than a few minutes in the ice bath on your first few uses. Slowly increase the duration per session, working your way up to the maximum recommended time. Connect to the Lumi Thermo CTI™ (optional extra) to regulate temperature and filter water. Sold separately.

      Cold water therapy works best with the right combination of time and temperature. For example, if you're in 10°C water, we recommend staying in for no more than 10 minutes.

      Recommended temperature to time examples:

      1°C = 1-minute submersion

      3°C = 3 minutes submersion

      5°C = 5 minutes submersion

      10°C = 10 minutes submersion

      Change the water once a week.

      The Lumi Recovery PRO™ is lined with an easy to clean, skin friendly PVC lining that can be wiped down with warm soapy water.

      Yes, you can! It can comfortably fit 2 people in the bath at the same time, facing one another.

      Materials: Ultra Durable Fibreglass Reinforced Skin-Friendly PVC, Hardened-Wall and Insulated Construction

      Dimensions: L 160cm x W 85cm x 6H 5cm

      High Pressure Structure: 8 PSI / 0.55 Bar

      Capacity: 480 litres

      ALWAYS consult your doctor before using an ice bath if you have any health issues.

      DO NOT USE if you are: - Under 18 years of age, Pregnant, have history of heart disease or high blood pressure, have diabetes, complications such as neuropathy or retinal damage, you wear a pacemaker, history of frostbite, have an open wound, had recent surgery, epilepsy or any other health concerns or risks.

      Using an ice bath can dramatically decrease your body core temperature. The immersion in cold water constricts blood vessels and slows the flow of blood around the body, which combined with health complications, can cause your blood pressure to rise and give you a higher chance of cardiac arrest or stroke.

      Side effects

      The most noticeable side effect of an ice bath is feeling intense cold, but other side effects of staying in an ice bath for too long are: hypothermia, frostbite, tachycardia (fast heart beat), arrhythmias (abnormal heart beat), allergic and anaphylactic shock.

      Despite the potential side effects and warnings, using an ice bath correctly actually has many health benefits.

      We will always recommend you begin by spending no more than a few minutes in the ice bath, and slowly working your way up to the recommended time; never push your body beyond its limits.

      Need some help?

      Need some help?

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