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FACEGYM Medi Lift Eye Rejuvenating Electrical Muscle Stimulation Mask
  • FACEGYM Medi Lift Eye Rejuvenating Electrical Muscle Stimulation Mask
  • FACEGYM Medi Lift Eye Rejuvenating Electrical Muscle Stimulation Mask
  • FACEGYM Medi Lift Eye Rejuvenating Electrical Muscle Stimulation Mask

Medi Lift Eye Rejuvenating Electrical Muscle Stimulation Mask

Wearable mask that brightens, tones and tightens the eye area

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 7 reviews
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  1. FACEGYM Medi Lift Eye Rejuvenating EMS Mask - Default title
  2. FACEGYM Collagen Infusion Serum (30ml)
  3. USB Charging Cable
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      What you need to know:

      • EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) plumps and brightens the eyes and cheeks
      • 97% of users agreed their crow’s feet wrinkles were reduced, dark circles were lighter and upper eyelids were more lifted
      • Instantly restore hydration and elasticity for smoother, firmer and more youthful eyes
      • Reduce the amount of fine lines and wrinkles by 34% in just 28 days
      • Use daily for 10 minutes per day and customise with 2 modes and 4 intensities
      • FINALIST for Sunday Times Style ‘BEST TOOL’ Award

      Our expert view

      Rejuvenate your eyes with cell-renewing, easy to use EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology from FACEGYM Medi Lift Eye Mask. Soothe overworked eyes while restoring hydration, elasticity and firmness with a relaxing heating function that warms up the muscles. This hands-free eye workout helps to improve skin barrier function, resulting in smoother, more supple and bouncy skin.

      Choose between 2 modes to achieve your skincare fitness goals. Lift and Brighten strengthens the eye and facial muscles to lift, tighten and tone while stimulating blood flow, reducing dark circles. Wrinkle Reducer mode increases muscle growth to plump crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.


      Innovative and easy-to-use, intense muscle contracting technology works the facial muscles to firm, lift and sculpt the complexion. Just like a workout, EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) first warms up the muscles before strengthening them with a range of low to high frequencies. During your eye workout, the mask automatically warms up to induce a feeling of relaxation and calm.

      Customise your facial workout with 2 modes and 4 EMS intensities, either focusing on lifting and brightening the eye area, or reducing wrinkles. The Lift and Brighten mode uses a tapping sensation to stimulate the eye muscles for enhanced circulation and brighter under eyes. The Wrinkle Reducer mode uses a tightening and releasing sensation to strengthen the muscles for a smoother, line-free appearance. Use for 10 minutes per day for a deeply intensive, hands-free facial workout, and let the FACEGYM Medi Lift Eye Mask do all the heavy lifting.

      Before starting your facial workout, apply a liberal amount of activator gel to conduct the electrical currents to your muscles. We recommend the FACEGYM Collagen Infusion Serum to not only activate your EMS device, but to infuse your skin with a burst of hydration and youth-boosting ingredients.

      HOW TO USE

      Step 1: Cleanse your skin and pat dry.

      Step 2: Apply a liberal amount of FACEGYM Collagen Infusion Serum to the treatment area.

      Step 3: Comfortably secure your mask and turn on.

      Step 4: Choose your ‘workout’ mode and complete your 10-minute hands-free treatment.

      Step 5: Once complete, massage any excess serum into your skin and continue with your skincare regimen.

      Important Information

      Mask: Made from medical-grade silicone.

      Collagen Infuser Serum Ingredients: Chondrus Crispus Extract, Aqua/Water/Eau, Hyaluronic Acid, Pseudoalteromonas Ferment Extract, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Tripeptide-10 Citrulline, Tripeptide-1, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

      Do NOT use if you are pregnant.

      Do NOT use if you have a pacemaker, any metal plates or pins in the head or face.

      Do NOT use if you have cancer or diabetes, or have had cancer in the last 12 months.

      Do NOT use if you have experienced the loss of skin sensation.

      Do NOT use if you high blood pressure, are experiencing fatigue or taking medication that causes drowsiness.

      Do NOT use if you have an active skin condition, broken skin, active acne, inflamed or irritated skin.

      Do NOT use if you have an acute medical condition or are undergoing treatment. Always consult your doctor first.

      If you have:

      Vitiligo, teeth fillings or dental treatment - please use a low setting.

      Threads - use on a low setting after 4 weeks.

      Botox - wait 2 weeks.

      Fillers - wait 4 weeks.

      Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse well with clean water. In the unlikely event of irritation, discontinue use.

      Need some help?

      Need some help?

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      average rating 5.0 out of 5
      Based on 7 reviews
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        7 Reviews
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      100% of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend
      7 Reviews
      Reviewed by Michelle
      Verified Buyer
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Review posted

      Loving it

      I am amazed at how short people's reviews are because this is not a cheap product and there is some trial and error in how you get it to work optimally. There are a few things that should be detailed out. I have had this product since BF Nov sales.

      I use it every day and use both the settings one after the other. I found this was the most effective method and showed immediate results. At 40, I dont have any major wrinkles as yet nor dark circles, my problem is puffiness (lifestyle and genetics). So my rating of 5 stars comes from that it does bring my bring my puffiness down and gives a lift instantly which I can say no eye cream alone can do. The fact that I use it every day (use it in the am or pm - doesnt matter). The key is you're creating muscle memory and thats important to understand for facial muscles.

      Also starting with a low setting is a good idea. Your eyes will twitch like crazy initially but all good (I found it amusing) - by now I use the highest setting and it feels like light, vibrating pulse currents as my eye muscles are more accepting. You do need to charge it often (unlike the facegym pro which can last an entire month) but easy to charge and done in a couple of hours.

      I have tried it using different amounts of conductor gel/collagen infusion serum. The latter works best (dont use aloe vera gel pls) when applied to the conductors but when you apply too much or also on your face then I experienced it doesnt conduct well. The best conduction…

      Was this helpful?
      Reviewed by Liana G.
      Verified Buyer
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Review posted

      beautiful every day oil

      Medi eye lift is easy & quick to use.

      The straps are a little too big for my head, but I make it work.

      I went straight up to the full power treatment, all seems fine, there is a definite difference between to two programs.

      I think it is helping my eye bags.. it’s early days & wish I had taken a before shot. I will do so as I will be working non stop until Oct and should be able to use every night...

      I was disappointed that there was not a carry bag that the mask, changer oil and batteries fitted neatly into... instead an oversized sac.

      This is not a cheap product & I want to look after it & help it’s life! A case would have been great.

      I will consider the lower face mask later I. The year... but even more expensive so will see.

      Very quick postage to France, and package d well... thank you !

      Was this helpful?
      Reviewed by Marina
      Verified Buyer
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Review posted


      I was blown away by the improvement in my eye area, this gadget really works to rejuvenate and lift the eyes. Unfortunately after 1 month of daily use the electrical impulses stopped working. I contacted Face Gym and they've asked me to return it and they'll send me a replacement, excellent costumer service so far. Can't wait to start using it again.

      Was this helpful?
      Reviewed by Aja
      Verified Buyer
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Review posted

      Great for sensitive skin

      Was a valentines gift from hubby but I’m pregnant and can’t use it but from the other reviews it seems like it should work x

      Was this helpful?
      Reviewed by Aja
      Verified Buyer
      I recommend this product
      Rated 5 out of 5
      Review posted

      Puffy dry face, who?

      Hands free amazing eye lift therapy. Brighter, youthful-looking after just one 10 mins session. A combination of two different programs to address different needs:

      - lift and bright mode - produces and tapping sensation to stimulate the eye area to address dark circles and lift the eye contour.

      - wrinkle reducer mode - provides a tightening and releasing sensation to train and strengthen the eye area, tackling lines and wrinkles.

      Automatic shutoff after 10 minutes.

      I love the eye mask! Works really well

      all two modes as promised. I’ve been using it for the three weeks almost every day. The skin became softer, healthier and certainly more elastic! Sensational! I am very happy with the product and would highly recommend it! Thank you!

      Was this helpful?

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