• CLOUD NINE Redefine Beauty Device
  • CLOUD NINE Redefine Beauty Device
  • CLOUD NINE Redefine Beauty Device
  • CLOUD NINE Redefine Beauty Device

CLOUD NINE Redefine Beauty Device

Anti-ageing LED and EMS tool inspired by traditional gua sha

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  1. CLOUD NINE Redefine Device - Default title
  2. White Luxury Travel Bag
  3. USB Charging Cable
  4. User Manual
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      What you need to know:

      • Anti-ageing LED wavelengths and advanced temperature reduces fine lines
      • Inspired by gua sha massages to deliver instant and lasting results
      • Eliminate toxins while kick-starting the lymphatic and circulatory system
      • Detoxifying and purifying device that lifts and firms the skin with ultrasonic vibrations
      • Improves skin texture, muscle volume tones your jawline in just 3 minutes
      • Noticeable clinical effects from the very first treatment

      Our Expert View

      Redefine your beauty routine with advanced anti-ageing technology. Featuring the collagen-boosting properties of LED wavelengths, ultrasonic vibrations and temperature variations, the CLOUD NINE Redefine targets fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

      Achieve firmer, fuller and smoother skin with clinically proven purifying and regenerative techniques inspired by the traditional gua sha. Shaped to mould with the contours of your face, Redefine delivers a powerfully detoxifying, nourishing and anti-ageing treatment from home.

      HOW it works

      Restart your lymphatic and circulatory systems with salon-worthy massages, supported by ultrasonic pulsations to quickly eliminate toxins. EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) tones and strengthens the muscles, resulting in firmer, lifted and more sculpted skin.

      Heating and cooling technology speeds up cell regeneration, while powerful LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy wavelengths target blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. Infrared and Purple waves boost collagen and elastin production, while Blue light therapy heals and soothes breakouts.

      Own your glow and combine each setting to create your own unique skincare treatment.

      HOW TO USE

      Step 1: Cleanse your skin and pat dry.

      Step 2: Apply your usual skincare products (only when using EMS settings).

      Step 3: Turn on, select your treatment settings and glide across the skin for 3 minutes.

      Step 4: Once the device auto shuts off, wipe down and safely store your device.

      Expert Tip: For EMS and Purple light therapy settings, ensure the conducting strips are touching the skin to activate the electrical currents. A tingling sensation is completely normal. The intensity will vary depending on your skin type, skin thickness and skincare.

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      Important Information


      Clean the treatment head with a cotton swab or soft cloth after use. Please do not use any of the following liquids to clean the device: alkaline lotions, diluents, essential oils, nail varnish remover and other solvents.

      Do not immerse the main device into water.

      When you use the device for the first time, test it on your forearm before you use it on your face. Check your skin 1 hour after testing the treatment. If there is no irritation or reaction, you can safely use the device on your face.

      Do NOT use if you have an allergy to metal.

      Do NOT use the device on wounded or scarred skin.

      Please store the device in a cool, dry place.

      Do NOT allow the device to come into contact with water. Any water, liquid or foreign body entering the device invalidates the warranty.

      Do NOT use the device whilst charging.

      Keep out of reach of children.

      What's in the box?

      1. CLOUD NINE Redefine Device
      2. White Luxury Travel Bag
      3. USB Charging Cable
      4. User Manual

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