DIY Beauty Products: Your Next Beauty Fix Is in the Pantry!

Hi, my name is Laura, and I’m completely addicted to Pinterest.

I lie awake at night wondering about all the amazing things that are getting pinned while I’m not there… Sad, I know! (You can keep track of my pin addiction here!)

I know it has a reputation for being a little “cute dogs and pretty dresses”, but there are some really useful tips on there. Skincare in particular is a very hot topic; and there are plenty of pinners who share my love of DIY face masks.

DIY Beauty Products

Did you know your next skincare fix could be sitting in your kitchen cupboard?

Baking Soda (Not to be confused with baking powder!) 

This is a miracle product with endless uses. Add a little bit of water and make an exfoliating paste. Add it to your toothpaste for a whitening kick. Or add it to your shampoo to remove product build up.


Great for cleansing your skin and hair. Add a little honey to a used lemon skin and rub it all over your face for squeaky clean and soft skin.


Mix olive oil with sugar and then mix in lemon juice (The oil stops the sugar dissolving first.) Use it as an all over body scrub. You’ll smell amazing too.

Olive Oil

Great for removing tough waterproof eye makeup – just dab a bit on a cotton wool pad and wipe away. Also a great moisturiser for hands in need of a little TLC.

Porridge Oats

If you have sensitive skin, or suffer from eczema, oats are the kitchen staple for you! Mix with  honey and milk to make a super gentle and sweet smelling face scrub for sensitive skin.


Fill a wash mitt with oats, and then tie it to your bath tap. Let the water run through the oats for a eczema-friendly bath soak.


If you don’t mind smelling like a brewery (hey, some people like that!) then beer is a miracle conditioner for your hair. The proteins in beer fill in the hair shaft and make it look extra shiny. The darker the better, so I hope your fella doesn’t mind you wasting a good bottle of stout.


I’ve heard you can make a face mask using egg white (I’ve yet to try this one.) You simply slather on egg white, followed by a layer of tissue. Then when it’s dried you do it all again. Repeat 2 or 3 times. It’ll get super tight, and then you peel it off. It’s supposed to take yucky black heads with it too…


Did I miss anything?

September 28, 2012