Microcurrent Facials: The New Celebrity Favourite

by Vinona Baines

Skincare • 07 August 2023

Microcurrent facials are big business right now. In fact, they've become an integral part of beauty routines for beauty editors, aestheticians and A-list celebrities alike—transforming complexions worldwide. Whether you’re looking to tone and tighten your complexion, stop the signs of ageing or blast fine lines and wrinkles, microcurrent technology boasts a whole host of skincare benefits.

Here, we reveal 5 reasons as to why we love it, as well as a celebrity-approved handheld device that means you can take full advantage of the A-list beauty treatment.


Jennifer Aniston skincare


1. You can do it at home

Whilst many celebrities enjoy microcurrent facials in salons, there are devices available that allow you to achieve the same results–no appointment required. The ZIIP HALO stands out as the world's only home-use microcurrent and nanocurrent device, offering clinic-grade facials from anywhere.

Created by Jennifer Aniston's facialist and renowned electrical esthetician to the stars, Melanie Simon, the ZIIP HALO brings her 20 years of expertise directly to your fingertips. With a unique blend of both microcurrent and nanocurrent, this Dual Waveform Technology communicates with skin cells and facial muscles to achieve a toned, lifted and glowing complexion in minutes.

Its innovative design features 2 globes that gently send the electrical waves through the skin, energising cells to produce collagen while contracting the facial muscles. It's this technology that delivers both instant and lasting results.


ZIIP microcurrent


2. It’s completely safe and non-invasive

The phrase ‘no-pain, no gain’ is completely untrue when it comes to the magic of microcurrent. Often referred to as a ‘non-surgical facelift’, microcurrent is a completely safe and pain-free way of sculpting and contouring your complexion. There's also no downtime afterwards meaning you can carry on with your day.


3. It really works

The ZIIP HALO has a number of skin-boosting benefits. It works by giving off low-level current that is similar to the body’s natural current (this is why you can’t feel it). Like a workout for your skin, the ZIIP HALO uses microcurrent to stimulate the muscles in your face, toning and tightening them, while nanocurrent accelerates collagen production. This results in a lifted, youthful and glowing appearance.

Other benefits include improved facial contours, more even skin tone, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, and a brighter complexion. As quoted by Vanessa from the reputable skincare blog, Goals To Get Glowing"if you’re looking for skin toning and firming, the ZIIP (HALO) could be an excellent choice."


    ZIIP HALO microcurrent facial


    4. It’s loved by A-listers

    ZIIP’s most famous fans—Kim Kardashian, Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Aniston and ‘Barbie’ Margot Robbie, all raved about the results. Even Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, shared it on her blog. ZIIP has also repeatedly received accolades from world renowned magazines ELLE, Allure, VOGUE and Cosmopolitan throughout the years. 

    "I've been using this nanocurrent and microcurrent device called ZIIP which has given me noticeable results. I'm not paid by the brand or anything, it's really, really good." — Margot Robbie

     Barbie Margot Robbie


    5. It’s fast and effective

    It isn't known as the '4-minute lift’ for nothing. Put simply, you can complete an entire facial with the ZIIP HALO in just 4 minutes. This makes it a quick and simple addition to your skincare routine, no matter how busy you are. 

    Vinona Baines Beauty Editor
    Previously a professional makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics and copyeditor for melanin skincare brand 456 Skin, Vinona has over 12 years of hands-on experience within the beauty industry. Whether as a makeup artist or beauty editor, she enjoys connecting with real people to educate, inspire and learn from. You can find her sipping on an iced latte watching her favourite K-dramas, while wearing her anti-ageing CurrentBody Skin LED Mask.
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