A Treat for your Feet: The Best Foot Spas

When it comes to pampering routines, our feet are often the last to receive any attention. Probably because we only notice them when they hurt. Just think about what your feet go through on a daily basis. We squeeze them into ill-fitting shoes and then rely on them to support us, all day, every day. If you’re looking for a pampering treat for your tootsies, we know all about some of the best foot spas on the market to help soothe and revive aching feet.

The Best Foot Spas: The CB Edit

All the bells and whistles: Elle Macpherson Aromatherapy Foot Spa

Elle Macpherson Aromatherapy Foot Spa Best Foot SpasThis aromatherapy foot spa is a treat for all the senses. It features hydro massage, vibration massage, magnetic therapy, aromatherapy and soothing lights to help ease your whole body and mind. The vibration massage can be used wet or dry, and the base is slightly angled to help increase blood flow and keep your legs at a more comfortable angle. Quite simply, this is one of the best foot spas you can buy and a solid favourite at CBHQ.

Top tip: use with lavender oil to soothe your mind before bed, or with jasmine oil for an exotic treat.

The budget one: Beurer Footbath FB14

Beurer Footbath FB14 Best Foot Spas

Another strong contender, this cheery little footbath from Beurer packs an impressive punch for its budget-friendly price. Complete with temperature regulation, so you won’t be left with chilly tootsies, and three bubble massage features, it’s the perfect option for anyone looking for one of the best foot spas for under £30.

Top tip: Looking for a Christmas gift idea? Fill this foot spa with loads of relaxing goodies for the perfect pampering treat under the Christmas tree.

The magnetic one: Beurer Massage Footbath FB25

Beurer Massage Footbath FB25 Best Foot SpasThis foot spa features 16 magnets in the base which are designed to increase circulation and boost cell regeneration in the feet. It also features a detachable massage roller for foot reflex zone massage. Use the bubble massage with soothing sea salt, or add a splash of arnica oil while using the vibrating massage function to help ease pains in the feet and lower legs.

Top Tip: Follow your foot spa massage with an ultra-nourishing foot cream like Neutrogena’s Norweigan Formula Nourishing Foot Cream.

The dry foot spa: Beurer Shiatsu Foot Massager FM38

Beurer Shiatsu Foot Massager Best Foot SpasIf you’re not fond of sticking your feet in a bubble bath, or if the cleanup process is too much of a hassle for you, try this Shiatsu foot massager from Beurer. It features vibrating massage, infrared heat, and an invigorating kneading Shiatsu massage to help work out any tension. The eight massage heads perfectly immitate the kneading sensation of a professional Shiatsu massage, without the hassle of booking an appointment.

Top Tip: This makes a great gift for older people who might not be able to handle pouring away the water in a traditional foot spa.

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October 29, 2015