Our 2016 Beauty Predictions: From High-Tech to Low-Maintenance

2015 was all about contouring, coconut oil and kale. Although only a few weeks into 2016, we’re already noticing a shift in mentality around health and beauty trends. In this post, we’re going to be sharing our 2016 beauty predictions and our thoughts on your next big obsession…

Sonic Skincare Set To Explode

As one of the first official Clarisonic stockists in the UK, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in demand for sonic cleansing devices that promise to clean your skin much better than your hands or a face cloth ever could. As more and more companies latch on to this trend, we’re expecting to see a lot more devices competing for a slice of the Clarisonic market.

‘Natural’ hair to take centre stage

While 2015 may have been all about the envious, voluminous curl and body, this year’s blow drys are set to look a lot more natural. Think of it as your hair, but the best possible version of your hair! And say goodbye to the harsh lines of ombre hair colour, as colour melting is set to become your new favourite style.

2016 Beauty Predictions

@hair_by_ali_g Via instagram.com

Digital Detox

Move aside juice cleanse, there’s a new kind of detox on the cards. While not strictly a beauty trend, we predict that more and more celebrities will pave the way for us to all become less surgically attached to our phones. And since tech neck was something we were all mildly concerned about in 2015, ditching our smartphones in favour of real life experiences should help stop the double chin development in its tracks.

Digital Detox image by William Iven

Custom beauty products

No longer will you have to settle for a foundation shade that is almost perfect; it’s all bespoke beauty from here on out. And it won’t stop at just the perfect shade, we’ll also be slathering custom creams on our faces in 2016.

Korean beauty

It’s only a few weeks into 2016 and we’ve already heard about a tonne of Korean beauty products we can’t wait to try. Expect to embrace multi-step skincare routines, topical botox and LED light treatments.

Which trend are you most looking forward to?