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FOREO ISSA Electric Sonic Toothbrush

FOREO ISSA Electric Sonic Toothbrush

The FOREO ISSA is a new and totally unique toothbrush, coming from one of the world’s favourite electronic beauty brands. It uses silicone bristles to channel high-intensity pulsations, giving your teeth and gums a deep clean. The head only needs replacing once a year, so you’ll be saving on aftercare costs too. 

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Why we love it

We love how hygienic this toothbrush is. As its made of silicone it dries much faster than a standard brush so you dont get a build up of bacteria. Unlike nylon bristle heads, the ISSA head only needs to be replaced once a year, saving on top-up costs. Its great if you travel a lot too it doesnt require a charging dock and itll last up to 365 uses per full charge.


Why it works

The FOREO ISSA is the world's first electric toothbrush with silicone bristles, which help to generate strong friction to effectively remove plaque.. It channels high-intensity pulsations, similar to the technology found in FOREO's cleansing devices, to effectively clean and remove stains. The unique brush design offers 3D flexibility to reach every crevice in the mouth, while offering a comfortable gum massage too.

What's in the box?
  • ISSA Toothbrush
  • Charger
  • Authenticity Card With 2 Year Limited Warranty & 10 Year Quality Guarantee