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Braun Satin 7 Ionic Hairbrush

Braun Satin 7 Ionic Hairbrush

Fight frizz and remove static at the push of a button with the Braun Satin 7 Ionic Hairbrush.

Get shiny smooth hair in an instant, any time, any place with this revolutionary portable device.

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Brush 'n' Go

Ideal as a gift or just a solution to unkempt hair on the go,the Satin 7 Ionic Hair Brush offers you soft and shiny hair so that you can feel beautiful wherever you may be, however busy your life is.

Just throw it in your bag and you won't have to worry about your hair looking haywire after your daily commute!


Your Satin 7 works by releasing millions of active ions out of a jet in the back of your brush.

This ionic energy conditions the hair, leaving it much smoother than when using a normal hair brush.

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Your Satin 7 Ioninc Hairbrush aslo features: A removable cushion pad Seamless Bristle Technology