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The Breath Co Fresh Breath Deluxe Starter Kit

Starter kit for fresher breath

The Breath Co Fresh Breath Deluxe Starter Kit

Starter kit for fresher breath

  • A range of breath battling products
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Relieves dry mouth symptoms
  • Helps maintain gum health
  • Lasts for up to 12 hours
  • Powerful and bacteria fighting

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Ideal solution for fresher breath

A great way to achieve perfect oral health and truly fresh breath.

With Fresh Breath Oral Rinse and Fresh Breath Toothpaste, you'll instantly eliminate bad mouth odours and brighten your teeth.

The Breath Co Chewing Gum doesn't mask odours like other gums, it fights them with neutralising ingredients whilst still leaving your mouth feeling refreshed.

The simple to use tongue cleaner ensures oral hygiene and minimises the build up of germs creating a healthier environment.

This natural and beneficial toothpaste is vegan and vegetarian friendly, certified kosher as well as being gluten free.

All natural, refreshing ingredients

Each product is produced using natural but powerful ingredients. The Oral Rinse and Toothpaste uses oxygenating OXYD-8 to destroy the bacteria that causes breath odour.

Using just three pieces a day, the Chewing Gum allows you to maintain fresh breath by eradicating Volatile Sulphur Compounds that cause unpleasant breath odours.

By replacing your usual oral care products with the Fresh Breath Starter Kit Deluxe, you'll have fresher breath instantly whilst still maintaining great hygiene.

What's in the Box?
  • The Breath Co. Mild Mint Oral Rinse 500 ml
  • The Breath Co. Mild Mint Toothpaste 75 ml
  • The Breath Co. Fresh Breath Chewing Gum (10 Pieces)
  • The Breath Co. Tongue Cleaner