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TensCare Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Build your core strength

TensCare Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Build your core strength

  • Stimulates your pelvic floor muscles
  • Reduces bladder weakness
  • Prevents and treats symptoms of incontinence
  • Comes complete with discreet probe
  • Easy-to-use display
  • Teaches you how to control your muscles

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Why We Love It

Incontinence is a common problem for women, affecting their long term quality of life. Exercising the pelvic floor muscle is recognised as a way of preventing and treating symptoms of incontinence.

However many women are unable to perform pelvic floor exercises effectively. Elise is designed to help by building the muscle strength and allows you learn how to control your muscles.

Stimulation strength gradually increases to make exercise comfortable, while a safety override feature ensures you are not overworked. Like many forms of exercise it may take some weeks to notice the benefit.

Elise is a discreet and compact pelvic floor exerciser designed for home use. It has programmes for Stress, Urge and Mixed incontinence as well as sexual wellbeing. These programmes use clinically proven parameters and is suitable for women of all ages.

Why It Works

An internal probe is inserted into the vagina and operated using a hand-held Elise control unit.

The stimulator will exercise the pelvic floor muscle for you and users as they get used to the sensation should join in by contracting their pelvic floor muscles at the same time as the stimulation is felt to help re-educate the muscles in question.

Evidence suggests that optimum usage levels are 15 to 30 minutes daily we recommend you gradually build up to this level so as not to over exert the muscles.

What's in the Box?
  • TensCare Elise Pelvic Floor Exerciser
  • 1 x Lead Wire
  • 1 x Liberty vaginal probe
  • 1 x Li-ion battery B-BL4B
  • 1 x Charging cradle
  • 1 x Mains adaptor
  • 1 x Storage pouch
  • 1 x instructions manual
  • FREE Go Gel 100ml worth £10

Find out more

How continence stimulation works

The Elise, through a vaginal probe or pads, sends a gentle stimulation to your pelvic floor muscles using clinically recognised programmes.The Elise works the pelvic floor muscles for you and helps you to develop your own muscle control. It perfectly compliments pelvic floor exercises.
The Elise is the result of considerable research and consultation with continence advisors.

Continence programmes

The Elise has four preset programmes. One for each type of incontinence and a fourth for toning of the pelvic floor muscles.
Stress inconinence
Shown on the screen as: STRES the STRESS incontinence programme strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor using gentle stimulation.
The stimulation causes the muscles to contract and work thereby building their strength.
Successful treatment requires stimulation once a day for one to three months.Improvement starts becoming apparent after about four weeks. It helps to keep a record of leakage problems so that you have an objective measure of your progress.
The sensation is like a strong drawing in of the muscles of the vagina, pulling up of the pelvic floor. Your natural reaction will be to pull your muscles in and up, thereby exercising and strengthening them.
Urge continence
Shown on the screen as: URGE the URGE incontinence programme reduces the involuntary contractions of the bladder (detrusor) muscle.
This prevents the unwanted and unexpected emptying of the bladder.
Successful treatment will require stimulation once a day and improvements can be seen in as little as two weeks.
When the programme finishes, and your pelvic floor relaxes, it will become apparent how much your situation has improved.
Mixed continence
Shown on the screen as: MIXED is perfect if you are suffering from both Stress and Urge incontinence or are not sure which form of incontinence is the problem.
The stimulation frequency is midway between Stress and Urge.
Shown on the screen as: TONE. Regular use of this programme,about twice a week, will ensure that your muscles remain fit and toned.
The TONE programme may also be used as an alternative treatment for STRESS.

  1. The Stress, Mixed and Tone programmes exercise the pelvic floor muscles. The sensation is like a strong drawing in of the muscles of the vagina, pulling up of the pelvic floor. The muscle MUST contract in order to give a benefit.Increase the strength as high as is comfortable, and then take it back down one step. The level required varies widely between users somewill use the Elise at full power 99.5
  2. It is advisable not to overdo it early on. As long as you can feel the contraction, it is working. You can build up slowly over a number of days. With the first few sessions the muscles may ache the next daythe same reaction you would get with any unaccustomed exercise.With the pelvic floor, this gives a cramping feeling. If this happens,stop using your Elise until the aching goes away, then start again using a lower strength and a shorter treatment time. As the pelvic floor begins to improve, it will be possible to maintain the stimulation for longer
  3. The Urge programme works differently. As long as you can feel the stimulation easily,it is working. You may need to increase the strength during the treatment session
  4. For best results in the stress and mixed programmes try to contract the pelvic floor muscles along with the Elise, and to sustain the contraction into the rest interval. If possible, link the contraction to your breathing in order to get into a gentle rhythm
  5. Once the pelvic floor has been strengthened using the Elise continue to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor needs to be worked and reacts very well to such exercises
  6. The length of each session for muscle strengthening will also depend on your ability to contract and your resistance to fatigue. Be careful not to overuse early on, as the resulting aches may not be feltuntil the next day
  7. All programmes cycle between "work" and "rest" to allow your muscles to recover in between contractions. During the "rest" period,the strength display flashes "000"
  8. When you change the strength setting, this cycle stays on "work" until you stop pressing the buttons for more than 5 seconds
  9. The usages mentioned for each programme are guidelines only,and may be altered depending on your personal needs
  10. You may feel the stimulation through the probe more strongly on one side than the other.A strong and fit pelvic floor muscle may increase sexual health and enjoyment