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Tens Care Dry Night Trainer

Dry nights

Tens Care Dry Night Trainer

Dry nights

  • Bed-wetting alarm
  • Teaches your child to wake-up when they have a full bladder
  • Device attaches to your child's wrist
  • Perfect for completing toilet training
  • Helps motivate your child
  • Improves child behaviour

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Why We Love It

As soon as your child loses a few drops of urine, the Tenscare Dry Night Trainer alarm immediately sounds. The alarm can then be turned off and the child can finish urinating in the toilet.

Through this therapy, the child learns to associate the sensation of a full bladder with having to wake up. In time the child will wake up on its own without having to depend on the alarm tone.

Tenscare has been awarded 1st place for the "2012 Look Good Feel Good Award" by the ACA (Association for Continence Advice) for their Dry Night Trainer .

When the child remains dry for fourteen nights in a row, the bedwetting alarm is not needed anymore. The Dry Night Trainer is user friendly, lightweight and as compact as a watch. It can be worn on either the left or right wrist and the childs own underwear can be used during this training.


Why It Works

The bed wetting alarm is attached to the childs wrist and the alarm's cable is clicked into the childs underwear on the spot where the urine will reach the cloth first.

When the cloth between two sensors becomes wet, they will react and cause the bedwetting alarm to sound off an alarm tone and the child will wake up and finish urinating in the toilet

It is important that the user of the alarm (the child) is motivated to conjure up the discipline needed to work with this method.

You can increase the childs motivation by going at this training in a playful manner and using the supplied covers for the alarm. These come in the shape of a football, a star, and a flower.

Using the TensCare progress Chart will help motivate your child.

What's in the Box?
  • TensCare Elise Dry Night Trainer

Find out more

How does the Tenscare Dry Night Trainer work?

Note: Not suitable for children under 5 years of age(Long cord - Risk of strangulation in infants)

How to use
a) Attach the bed-wetting alarm at the wrist using the Velcro strap.
b) Lead the cable through the pajamas to the underwear (Whatever the child normally wears canbe used). Make sure that the cable does not hinder the childs movement. To ensure free movement,always use a long-sleeved pajama top. If the lead seems too long, you can use the Velcro cable tie provided to tidy away excess length.
c) Snap the underwear between the press-studs in the area where the first drop of urine will be expected.

Setting the volume
When you use the Dry Night Trainer for the first time, you will need to pull out the clear plastic strip to activate the battery.
You can adjust the volume by touching the press studs together and pressing the volume control (v) (small hole under the decorative cover as shown) with a pin repeatedly.
Once the desired volume is achieved, the volume setting will be stored until the battery is next removed.

Changing the battery
The battery should last more than a month.
To replace the battery, slide out the holder as shown. Make sure that the +ve symbol facesdown.
Use only CR1632 Lithium 3V battery.
Dispose of old batteries responsibly.

Clean the press-studs and cable by rinsing with clean water and air drying.
The Dry Night Trainer is intended for single patient use.

How the Dry Night Trainer Works
Only a few drops of urine will trigger the Dry Night Trainer.
As soon as your child wakes up (they may need assistance from you)they should then go to the toilet and finish emptying their bladder. It is important that the child learns to go directly to the toilet before doing anything else.
Gradually over time your child learns to hold on or wake up to the sensation of a full bladder without needing the alarm. Some children learn to hold on throughout the night without waking and others will wake up and go to the toilet.
Either way the Dry Night Trainer can take up to 2-4months and for your child to be fully dry at night it is important that your child uses the Dry Night Trainer every night.
If your child becomes ill or there are upsets or new events in the family it is probably better to wait a while before using the Dry Night Trainer.

Helpful Hints
  • Let your child experiment with the Dry Night Trainer before using it at night time so they are not frightened by the noise.
  • Remind your child that when the Dry Night Trainer is triggered that they must wake up quickly and go to the toilet..
Bedwetting Information
Learning how to become dry at night is not an easy process
The child has to recognise and respond to the sensation of a full bladder while asleep and then use the toilet or hold on until the morning.
Lots of children wet the bed, it is estimated that over half a million children between the ages of 5 and 16 years wet the bed in the UK.
It is not really known why some children are later than others at becoming dry at night, but it is not due to laziness or lack of willpower.

Food and drink
  • It is important that the child or young person has enough to drink during the day (we suggest 6-8 drinks totally 1500 2000 mls)
  • Restricting intake before bedtime does NOT help to treat bedwetting
  • Drinks containing caffeine (such as cola, tea and coffee) should be avoided