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T3 Smooth Paddle Professional Styling Brush

Create a sleek, smooth finish

T3 Smooth Paddle Professional Styling Brush

Create a sleek, smooth finish

  • Ensures a bouncier look
  • High heat-resistant nylon bristles
  • Soft, non-slip handle
  • Gentle use on both dry and wet hair
  • Detangles and smooth out hair
  • Perfect to use with your favourite T3 Dryer

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Professional styling

Strong enough to go through the most tangled hair, the Paddle Brush allows for effortless styling whilst drying your hair.

With a cushioned body and broad flat base, you're able to brush a wider area of hair which means quicker drying time.

Fitted with heat resistant nylon bristles, the Smooth Paddle brush is designed to gently smooth your hair and reduce frizz.

Complete with a soft, non-slip handle which enables better control, quicker styling and effortless salon-inspired, blow dry finish.


Polished Finish

Professional styling tools have everything from the handle to the bristles specifically designed to benefit you.

Nylon bristles embedded seamlessly in the cushioned base allow you to glide the brush through your hair, detangling as you style.

The use of nylon, heat resistant bristles ensures that you're not creating much static when using it compared to natural bristled brushes. This minimises frizz and controls that untamed look.

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  • T3 Smooth Paddle Brush

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