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SQOOM Starter Explorer Set

Powerful anti-ageing technology

SQOOM Starter Explorer Set

Powerful anti-ageing technology

  • Comprehensive starter kit
  • Contains 5 high-value anti-ageing serums and gels
  • Leaves skin feeling soothed and hydrated
  • Balances out your complexion
  • Boosts the absorption of topicals
  • Visibly improves the tone and appearance of your skin

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RRP £525


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A Full Complement

Everyone's skin regime is different, using different creams, gels and serums to treat different needs.

A device designed to work with its skincare system, SQOOM's vibrations cause the skin channels and intercellular spaces to open briefly, allowing the ingredients of each serum and gel to reach the deepest layer of your skin.

Pain-free and easy to use, the device and skincare system combine to give you some of the best results from any anti-ageing results.

SQOOM Skincare System

The SQOOM Starter Explorer Anti-Ageing Set comes with 5 individual anti-ageing xCential orange gels.

SQOOM xCential Cleanser Serum 50ml

Used to give your skin the best physical deep cleansing possible, the SQOOM xCential Cleanser gives your skin moisture whilst preparing it for treatment.

Extracts like panthenol and chamomile help soothe and relax your skin and can also be beneficial for treating problem skin areas.

SQOOM xCential H+ Serum 50ml

Made from skin-friendly natural ingredients, the active formula, including small hyaluronic acid particles of low molecular weight, can reach the deepest layers of your skin where they refill the hollow spaces left by the ageing process.

Now infused with aloe vera leaf and a new active formula, your skin gets intensive moisture and protection from free radicals.

SQOOM xCential deSpot Serum 50ml

A treat for brightening your skin, the SQOOM xCential deSpot is a whitening gel which contains a unique combination of active ingredients sulforaphane and genistein.

As well as brightening your skin, it helps to reduce age spots in a liposomal combination.

SQOOM xCential Acqua+ Spray 50ml

To make your SQOOM gels and serums last longer, you can use the SQOOM xCential Acqua+. An enriched water spray, it helps to optimise your SQOOM treatment by preventing SQOOM gels and serums from drying out too quickly.

It supplies your skin with extra moisture and can be applied directly onto your skin before or during the application of your xCential gels.

SQOOM xCential Booster Serum 30ml

SQOOM gives your skin a treat with the SQOOM xCential Booster. Providing a 24-hour concentreated moisture boost, you get fresh and velvety-smooth skin instantly, seeing your wrinkles and fine lines reduce after one single application.

What's more, the SQOOM xCential Booster has an 8-hour anti-wrinkle effect too.

What's in the Box?
  • SQOOM Anti-Ageing Device
  • SQOOM xCential Cleanser Serum 50ml
  • SQOOM xCential H+ Serum 50ml
  • SQOOM xCential deSpot Serum 50ml
  • SQOOM xCential Acqua+ Spray 50ml
  • SQOOM xCential Booster Serum 30ml