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Slendertone Bottom Accessory

Improved shape

Slendertone Bottom Accessory

Improved shape

  • Tones and lifts your bottom
  • Quick and easy 30-minute treatment session
  • 99 intensity levels
  • 4 training programs available
  • Works with the Slendertone Controller
  • Visible results in just 4 weeks

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Why We Love It

The Slendertone Bottom Accessory replicates bottom toning exercises, a 30 minute session is as effective as doing 60 reversed leg lifts, proven by experts to be the best exercise to tone, tighten and reshape your bottom.

The Slendertone Bottom toner garment has been ergonomically designed and incorporates the stimulation area into a comfortable shorts garment. There is also a pocket to hold the unit during use.

All Slendertone products use EMS toning technology, which works by sending signals to your nerves to contract and relax your muscles, similar to regular toning exercise. This EMS technology is often used in medical institutions around the world to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles, so you can be confident it works!

Why It Works

New Slendertone Bottom features:

4 bottom toning programmes from beginner to advanced

Patented EMS technology

0-99 intensity levels for maximum effectiveness

'Warm up' and 'cool down' phases

Up to 99 intensity levels

Intelligent training system to auto-progress through the programmes

Fits sizes 6-12 (Waist: 24"-32" / 61-81cm; Hips: 32"-38" / 81-97cm)

Please Note: Requires rechargeable and interchangeable Slendertone Controller.

What's in the Box?
  • Slendertone Bottom Accessory
  • 4 Adhesive Gel Pads
  • Instruction Guide

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