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Silk'n Silhouette Slider Gel 130ml

Optimise your Silk'n treatment

Silk'n Silhouette Slider Gel 130ml

Optimise your Silk'n treatment

  • Water-based formula
  • Improves contact between the skin and your Silk'n device
  • Boosts conductivity
  • Prevents redness
  • Optimises your Silk'n experience
  • Suitable for use on all skin types

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Suitable for All Skin Types

Ideal for using with your Silk'n FaceTite or Silk'n Silhouette, the Silk'n Slider Gel is suitable for using on all skin types.

Water-based and transparent, it helps skin massage when you are using your device as well as taking care of your skin to ensure it doesn't go red or get too hot.


An Essential Step

The Silk'n Slider Gel is required to carry out your treatments with your Silk'n FaceTite and Silk'n Silhouette. Without applying a thin layer of the gel to your skin before you start your treatment, your device will not work.

A water-based gel, it acts as a conductor for your device and helps your skin to make contact with the device. It also moisturises your skin as well as helping to guide your device.

It assists it gliding over your skin, as well as preventing your skin from reddening or overheating.

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  • Silk'n Silhouette Slider Gel 130ml

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