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Sensica sensiMatch Pedicure Pad - Coarse Pad

Personalise your sensiMatch treatment

Sensica sensiMatch Pedicure Pad - Coarse Pad

Personalise your sensiMatch treatment

  • Gently removes dry, rough skin
  • Simple 5 minute treatment
  • Visible results after first use
  • Ideal for tackling difficult areas
  • Leaves your feet feeling pampered and renewed
  • To be used with your sensiMatch device

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Personalised Treatment

Sensica prides themselves on developing devices with your specific needs in mind whilst still being powerful, easy to use and ergonomically created to be a perfect fit for your body.

To suit your multiple beauty needs, the patented Adapt2U technology adapts itself to your body's unique curves.

The Adapt2U Pedicure Foot Pad is specifically designed with different levels of coarseness to address the type of treatment you need, the edges of the pad can be used to treat difficult areas of your feet.

With treatment taking just 5 minutes, you'll see results from your first use. Dry, rough skin on your heels and toes can be tackled within the comfort of your own home.

As well as being strong and flexible, the Pedicure pads are fitted with a safety mechanism so if the device is pressed down too hard, it will stop functioning.

Quick and easy results

To ensure that you get the most out of your device, we recommend that you change your Foot Pad after 20 uses; this will guarantee that you're getting the most effective treatment.

The Adapt2U technology makes the snap-on pads more resilient and move dynamically, in a multi-directional way allowing you to create a more even treatment.

The sensiMatch isn't just for your feet, with the Peel pad, Massage and Hair Removal pad, you have a wide range of treatments that can all be completed within your own home.

What's in the Box?
  • Sensica sensiMatch Pedicure Pad

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Contraindications Do not use if you have been taking drugs that influence the immune system. Do not use if you have impaired immune system (as HIV). Do not use on damaged or broken skin or if you have a history of a herpes or psoriasis outbreak in or around the treatment area. Do not use if you suffer from keloid scar formation or impaired wound healing. Do not use if you suffer from extra dry or sensitive skin. Do not use if you suffer from acne. Do not use if you suffer from metabolic conditions, such as diabetes. Do not use on sunburns in the treatment area as this can cause serious burns or skin injury. Do not use if you have dark spots such as large freckles, moles or blisters on the treatment area. Do not use on the face, armpits, breasts or scalp as it may cause serious skin injury. Do not use over piercing or any metal items such as earrings or jewelry as it may cause skin injury. Do not use on tattoos, permanent make up and intimate body areas such as nipples, genitalia or around the anus. Do not use if you have any permanent implants in or around the treatment area (including but not limited to: silicon or injected chemical material, metal plates or other metal material). Do not use if you had a chemical peel or natural filler (such as hyaluronic acid) in the treatment area. If you experience extreme redness of the skin, blistering, or burns - stop using immediately! Note: If you have undergone any other aesthetic procedures or have any uncertainty regarding potential side effects, consult your physician before using sensiMatch™.