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Remington REVEAL Heated Eyelash Curlers and Tweezers Kit

Stand-out eyes

Remington REVEAL Heated Eyelash Curlers and Tweezers Kit

Stand-out eyes

  • Easy introduction to your beauty routine
  • Defines, lifts and curls your lashes
  • Keeps your brows in check
  • Achieves strong arches
  • Catches stray hairs
  • Easy to use

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Showstopping Lashes

When it comes to make-up, dressing up your eyes is one of the areas where you spend lots of time and effort.

By using the Heated Lash Curler, you instantly get curlier, lifted lashes in just a few seconds, giving your brighter and bigger eyes.

No matter what hair colour you have, having a helping hand when it comes to taming your brows never goes astray. The built-in LED light is ideal for catching fine, stray hairs.

Great Tools

Just like heating your hair, the Heated Lash Curler has a comb that heats up in seconds with a sticker that changes colour to tell you when it is ready to use.

Once it is ready, you simple comb it through your lashes, curling, separating and lengthening as you go.

When it comes to your eyes, your brows are just as important as your lashes. The LED Tweezers is ideal for shaping and defining your brows. The built-in light iluminates fair and fine hairs to ensure you can take care of all strays.

What's in the Box?
  • Remington REVEAL Heated Eyelash Curler
  • LED Tweezers

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The Remington REVEAL Heated Eyelash Curlers and Tweezers Kit is a fabulous grooming kit for all your eye area needs.

To Curl the Lashes:

- Begin with the middle lashes and then move to the inner and outer lashes.
- Hold the heated comb against the lashes and brush upwards, use slow gentle strokes that last approximately 5 seconds.
- When you reach the tip of your lashes, gently push the lashes back and hold the curler there for an additional 5 seconds.

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