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Remington Cordless Wet & Dry Ladyshaver

Remington Cordless Wet & Dry Ladyshaver

When it comes to feeling fabulous, hair-free skin for women is just as important as the right shade of lipstick.

The Remington Cordless Wet & Dry Ladyshaver gives you instant, hassle-free hair removal. Designed with two hypoallergenic floating foils, it moves with your body’s contours so you can get to hard to reach areas for the ultimate hair-free result.

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Instant Hair Removal

Easy to hold, simple to use and waterproof: you've got instant hair removal.

We love that you get a comfortable shave from the Remington Cordless Ladyshaver with no irritation like you do from razors, especially because you can use it wet or dry.

Its integrated flexible trimmer trims the finest hairs and the bikini attachment is ideal for treating any intimate and delicate area.


Wet & Dry Use

A multipurpose hair removal device is always a welcome accessory to any woman's armour. The Remington Cordless Ladyshaver is ideal for using on your legs, underarms, and your bikini line.

Made for wet use in the shower or bath, you get great results on all your areas as the two floating foils follow your skin to ensure you get great results.

The built-in trimmer gives you more precise hair removal on areas that need more focused treatment.

Suitable for dry shaving, it is recommended that the area is dry and free from any oils and creams.

What's in the Box?
  • Remington Cordless Wet & Dry Ladyshaver
  • Bikini Trimmer Comb Guard
  • Charging Stand
  • Beauty Bag
  • Cleaning Brush

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When it comes to using your Remington Cordless Wet & Dry Ladyshaver, you can get great results by following simple instructions. For Regular Shaving: - Turn the lady shaver on. - Hold the shaver at a right angle to your skin and move the shaver against the direction of the hair growth. - After shaving, turn shaver off. - NOTE: Before dry shaving, ensure the area is clean, dry and free from creams or oils. For Longer Hairs: If you have not shaved for a while, use the trimmer before shaving. This will help you achieve a more effective shaving result. - Hold the shaver with the trimmer facing your leg and slightly tilted towards you (approximately a 45° angle). - Move the trimmer slowly against the direction of hair growth. Trimming and Shaping: - Attach the bikini trimmer attachment. - Hold the shaver at a right angle to your skin and press down gently. - Edge and shape the areas as desired.