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Nora Bode Intact Perfect Skin Volume Cream

Nora Bode Intact Perfect Skin Volume Cream

Intact - the new Lipofilling-concept for naturally rejuvinated skinSlimmer women are the first to show the signs over the years when the subcutaneous adipose tissue degenerates and this causes a decisive change to the face's form and expression, however all of us are subject to this process in the end.The lips lose their volume, the face seems to become smaller and bonier and the contours begin to sag. It is simply the plumpness missing which makes the skin appear tight and smooth.Intact is the new skin care concept by Nora Bode which acts like a natural lipofilling.

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A very rich skin care product for the mature demanding, dry to very dry skin.

Ideal night skin care cream, but also suitable as a 24 hour skin care for face, neck and decolletee.Lipofilling to revive tired skin and reduce wrinkles using natural ingredients and no needles.


Morning and evening after cleansing on face, neck and dcollet. Distribute and gently tapping. As a night cream alternating with the fluid for 24 hour care.

Active ingredients:
  • the plant derived lipofiller
  • the collagen- and hyaluron filler- proteins
  • Eryngium maritimum stem cells and
  • Hyaluronic acid.
Your skin becomes tighter and fresher, wrinkles are reduced and face, neck and decolletee appear more youthful!

Tip: At your back of the hand you can see the degeneration of the subcutaneous fat tissue first, so:

Don't forget to treat your hands with Intact!