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HairMax Ultima 9

Combat Hair Loss with Laser Technology

HairMax Ultima 9

Combat Hair Loss with Laser Technology

  • Combats hereditary hair loss
  • Visible results within weeks
  • Designed with 9 professional strength lasers
  • Simple to use with 11 minute treatment time
  • Increases Density and Fullness
  • FDA Cleared for Men & Women

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Using low-level laser light therapy, the helmet-like style of the iGrow beams light directly onto the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles. With twenty-one diodes and thirty LED lights, the device’s impressive inner workings have been expertly engineered to supercharge hair growing power.

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Multiple Benefits

Whether you're a male or female with hair loss issues, HairMax has lots of benefits for someone who suffers from hereditary hairless.

Improving your overall hair loss condition, the laser energy revitalises dormant hair follicles throughout the scalp, including the temporal and vertex areas.

Not only does it decrease hair fallout, it increases the density, thickness and fullness of your hair.

Behind the HairMax Ultima 9 LaserComb is over two decades of research, giving you an FDA cleared solution that's suited for men and women with hereditary hair loss.

Designed with 9 professional strength lasers, they deliver a gentle, nourishing laser light to your hair follicles, which stimulate cellular energy to create a healthier environment for hair growth.

The boost of laser light energy boosts your blood flow and it brings more oxygen and nutrients to the hair, it activates antioxidant defences and speeds up the elimination of waste products such as DHT.

How it Works

How to Use Your HairMax Ultima 9 LaserComb

Before beginning treatment, be sure to test the HairMax LaserComb for sensitivity.

After you have turned on the LaserComb, place it flat on your scalp so that both rows of the teeth are touching your scalp.

Start at your hairline. Move the LaserComb from front to back of scalp in a slow combing motion, pausing every½ inch (1cm) for 4 seconds. Do not lift the LaserComb off your scalp while combing from front to back.

Next, lift the LaserComb off your scalp and start at a new position at the hair line.

Continue in this manner from front to back and then side to side until you cover your entire scalp with multiple passes.

Repeat these passes for the total treatment of 11 minutes for Ultima 9.

If you have long hair, use your fingers to lift your hair out of the way while using the LaserComb to be sure that the laser energy reaches your scalp.

IMPORTANT: Do not lift the LaserComb off your head when moving from front to back (unless you are checking the usage timer on the information display or until you complete the pass).

What's the difference between the Ultima 12 and the Ultima 9?

The Ultima 12 and the Ultima 9 both use the same laser light technology and the only difference between the devices is the number of lasers.

The Ultima 12 has 12 medical-grade lasers whilst the Ultima 9 has 9 medical-grade lasers.

What's in the Box?
  • HairMax Ultima 9 LaserComb Device

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If you are taking any medications or products that make you sensitive to light, you should test the LaserComb to make sure you do not have a reaction. Some of the things that can cause increased sensitivity to the LaserComb could be medicines for colds, allergies, pain medicine and drugs to treat infections. To test the LaserComb for sensitivity, turn the device on, hold the device on one spot, shining the light on your forearm. After two minutes, turn the device off and set aside. Look at the spot where you held the laser light over the next five minutes. If you see any reaction such as redness or rash, do not use the LaserComb and contact our Customer Service.

HairMax LaserComb has been clinically tested on both men and women. In the clinical study for men, 5% of the men said they had itching or tingling from using the LaserComb. None of the women in the clinical study reported any of these side effects from using the LaserComb. If you have itching, tingling or any other side effect that bothers you, stop using the LaserComb and contact our Customer Service.