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FOREO LUNA 2 for Oily Skin

Balanced skin

FOREO LUNA 2 for Oily Skin

Balanced skin

  • Effortless 2-minute treatment
  • Designed for use on oily skin
  • Anti-ageing technology boosts your skin's appearance
  • Targeted treatments
  • Removes 99.5% of oil, dirt and make-up
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Hygienic and Extra Gentle

Did you know that 50% of women dont wash their face regularly? The FOREO LUNA 2 Personalised Facial Cleansing Brush & Ageing Device, with its non-abrasive, soft silicone touch-points, is perfect for everyday use as it removes 99.5% of dirt, oil, and make-up to give you clean and clear radiant skin. Not just a cleaning device, its unique anti-ageing mode helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when set to lower-frequency pulsations and applied to wrinkle-prone areas. Not only is it 100% waterproof, but it is also a device that's small, easy to carry and you can use it wherever you need to cleanse.

Enhanced T-Sonic Facial Cleansing

FOREO understands that skin types are different and have designed four different models to suit your specific skin type with strategic distinctions between the touch-points. Each device has 12 speed intensities for optimum effectiveness and comfort. CLEANSING MODE LUNA 2 sends 8000 T-Sonic pulsations a minute to your skin to effectively remove 99.5% of dirt, oil and make-up, yet with eight speed intensity settings, you can customise your cleansing experience. Follow the simple steps below. Step 1. Apply Cleanser Remove your make-up and apply cleanser to your wet skin. Wet the LUNA 2 and turn on your device by pressing the centre button once, activating the Cleansing Mode. Step 2. Cleanse Specific Zones Cleanse each area of your face for 15 seconds. Pulsations will indicate when to cleanse a new zone. Cleanse your chin and cheeks using circular movements and repeat on the opposite side. Starting from the centre, cleanse your forehead with gentle outward circular strokes. Cleanse your nose by gliding up and down one side, then change to the other side. Reduce the pulsation intensity before gently cleansing the under-eye region using outward strokes. Step 3. After 1 minute, the pulsations will pause three times, indicating you have completed your cleansing routine. Rinse and dry your face before applying your favourite skincare products. ANTI-AGEING MODE LUNA 2 has a one-of-a-kind Anti-Ageing Mode that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is advised to spend 12 seconds on each stage of the routine. From Standby, press the centre button to activate the Anti-Ageing Mode. After this interval the LUNA 2s pulsations will pause momentarily. Relax your face and press the Anti-Ageing surface to the following wrinkle-prone areas, where muscle tension can cause crows feet, worry lines and laugh lines. Targeted Zones: Area between your eyebrows Right temple Right nasolabial fold* Left nasolabial fold* Left temple *Nasolabial fold is the skin fold that runs from each side of your nose to the corners of your mouth. Its where you get smile or laugh lines. Giving you 450 uses from a single one-hour charge, this lightweight, easy-to-use cleansing brush adds into your current cleansing routine very easily. FOREO LUNA 2 Personalised Facial Cleansing Brush & Ageing Device is hypoallergenic, body-safe and has non-porous silicone thats easy to clean and prevents bacteria build-up. Before you use the FOREO LUNA 2, read the user guide for important safety and how-to-use information.