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Luster Pro Light Whitening System

Whiter smile

Luster Pro Light Whitening System

Whiter smile

  • Flexible treatment program
  • Removes discolouration
  • Quick 2-minute treatment
  • More cost effective than cosmetic dentistry
  • Rapid schedule option offers results in under 30 minutes
  • Battery powered

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Bright White Smile

Erase years of stains and turn back the clock to a more confident you with just 30 minutes of clinically proven whitening.

Developed by dentists with light-activated whitening technology, Luster Pro Light gives you a beautifully whiter smile without messy strips, uncomfortable trays, or painful tooth sensitivity.

So whether it's years of coffee, smoking, or just the natural discolouration that comes with age, you can quickly, safely achieve a smile that makes you feel new. And best of all, you can do it right at home- on your schedule.


Multiple Treatment Options

Need a quick boost?

Try the rapid schedule for results in 30 minutes.

Rapid Schedule: 10 treatments a day for 2 days.

Want to maximise results?

Follow one of the Luster Pro flexible Schedules:

Weekend Schedule: 10 treatments a day for 2 days

Weekday Schedule: 4 treatments a day for 5 days

Full Week Schedule: 2-3 treatments a day for 7 days.

Quick Usage Guide:

- Pretreat with Whitening Solution

- Brush each tooth with Activator Whitening Gel

- Apply Dual-Action Whitening Light for 2 minutes

What's In The Box?
  • Whitening Solution 10ml
  • Activator Whitening Gel 10ml
  • Dual-Action Whitening Light (in white)
  • 4x AAA Batteries
  • Tooth Shade Guide
  • Instructional Guide

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  • How does the Luster Pro Light work? -In a similar reaction to peroxide whitening, active Chlorine Dioxide is generated when Sodium Chlorite (step 1) is activated by the Activator Gel (step 2) then accelerated by the Dual-Action Whitening Light (step 3)
  • How many treatments should I do? - Everyone's teeth whiten at different rates, so do as many treatment as fit your desired whitening level. It is suggested 5-10 treatments at first to see if you have achieved the results you're looking for. If you wish to further whiten your teeth, continue with additional treatment immediately, or resume the treatment over the next few days. 
  • Do I need to rinse in between every application? - Yes simply rinse your mouth with water to remove excess gel and cleanser your teeth for the next application. The gel becomes inactive after the light treatment is completed. 
  • How often can I use Luster Pro Light? - After competing a full procedure, it is recommended a touch up of 5 treatments every 2-3 months. A full procedure every 12 months will maintain your white smile. 
  • How quickly will I see results?- Everyone's teeth whiten at different rates. It is recommended at least 10 treatments to notice a shade improvement. 
  • How much Activator Whitening Gel do I use, is it safe to re-dip? You should liberally apply the Gel to your teeth to ensure full coverage, and re-dip the brush after covering each tooth. The gel contains anti-microbial ingredients so it kills germs on the brush. It is not recommended to share the brush or gel with another person.



  • Do not use while wearing braces 
  • This product only works on natural teeth. It will not harm fillings, crowns and caps, but will not whiten them.
  • Minimise contact with gums and lips. 
  • Do not exceed recommended light exposure time.