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Riiviva Microderm Diamond Tips

Improved texture

Riiviva Microderm Diamond Tips

Improved texture

  • Enhances your Riiviva Microderm treatment
  • Tips should be replaced every 6-12 months
  • Different tips to tailor your treatment
  • Various sizes available
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Improves your skin's texture

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Why We Love It

The Riiviva Microderm is a brilliant device, and the fact that it can be so easily tailored to help with our individual problem areas is fantastic. We love that they come in different levels of coarseness too – we can create the perfect microdermabrasion treatment like you’d get in a salon.

Why It Works

Riiviva’s diamond tips work by passing over your skin whilst the vacuum in the device sucks away any excess particles, rejuvenating your look and leaving you feeling fresh. There are several tips available that are designed to help with key skin problems, so you can create the treatment you want.

Face Tips

These can be used on all areas of the face to help with fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin. They come in different levels of coarseness so you can choose the intensity of the treatment.

Body Tips

The Body Tip comes in a medium and coarse grit and is perfect for those larger body parts. It helps with dry skin, any redness of the skin and the overall texture too.

Chest Tips

The chest is a problematic area for many people, which is why these diamond tips are fantastic. Skin texture will be improves and skin dryness will be reduced.

Precision Tips

These help you get into difficult to reach areas, like around your nose, where many people experience skin problems. These come in coarse, fine and medium so you can choose how intense you want the results to be.

Acne Tips

These provide a larger surface area and suction cup so are even more delicate and comfortable to use on acne scars.

Cellulite Tips

These are designed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and are disk-shaped in appearance. They come in different sizes depending on the area you’re looking to treat.

Stretch Mark Tips

These are designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on non-sensitive areas of the body. They come in coarse and extra coarse depending on the intensity needed.

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  • Riiviva Microderm Diamond Tips

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