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SQOOM xCential H+ Gel 50ml

Contemporary formula

SQOOM xCential H+ Gel 50ml

Contemporary formula

  • Packed with natural active ingredients
  • Allows your skin to detox
  • Unleashes your natural radiance
  • Leaves skin feeling thoroughly hydrated
  • Infused with hyaluronic acid
  • Designed to use with the SQOOM device

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Complementary Skincare

An innovative anti-ageing gel made of skin friendly and natural agents. The main ingredient is fragmented hyaluronic acid - fragmented because common hyalurone particles are quite large and bulky and unleash their tightening effect only for a short time and only in the upper skin layers. Special bacteria divide the hyaluronic acid particles included in the SQOOM xCential H+ Gel into significantly smaller bits before adding them to the xCential H+ Gel. This enables a much more facilitated penetration of the critical skin layers by higher quantities of the particles, where they fill hollow spaces induces by the skin ageing.

Innovative Ingredients

The SQOOM xcential hyaGel includes skin-freindly and natural ingedients only. The gel has been developed especially for the SQOOM applications - without anti-degradants and skin-irritating emulsifiers.

Low molecular bio hyaluronate. Reaches the deep skin layers and fills up the supporting tissue in order to keep the skin appearance young, to regenerate damaged structures and improve the appearance of your skin deeply.
Aloe vera leaf juice. The SQOOM xcential hyaGel isnt based on water but on aloe vera leaf juice and provides a lasting moisture optimization.
Dittrichia viscosa. This is an extract with a highly protective and repairing influence at cell damages which are especially generated through UV-radiation.
Sulforaphane. A totally new bioactive generation of agents which are able to stimulate the body's own detoxification mechanism.

What's in the Box?
  • SQOOM xCential H+ Gel 50ml

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Massage programme 2

Programme: M

Gel: xcential hyaGel

Treatment time: 8 min

Just like a conventional massage, the SQOOM massage brings back relaxation and elasticity to the skin. Negative and positive ions and sound waves activate the cell spaces and effectively stimulate the metabolism. Your skin beauty improves notably. This skin is also excellently suited for treating cellulite and spider veins as well as muscle and pressure induced pain of the neck and the back.

First apply the cleanser Gel generously on the transducer or the skin area. Hold the SQOOM firmly on both sides, touching the contact handles. Next, lay the transducer on the skin area to be treated and move it softly over the skin in slow circles.

SQOOM recommend performing the cleansing programme prior to each treatment

    1. Start the SQOOM by pressing the POWER button.

    2. Press the STEP button, until the control light M (MASSAGE) lights up.

    3. Next press the MODE button to select the functional mode ION and ULTRA, until both control lights light up.

    4. Press the L/H button to select the ultra- sonic frequency HIGH and LOW.
When the diaphane of your SQOOM corresponds to the adjoining graphics, the device is ready for operation and you can start the treatment.

The default operation time is 4 minutes. You can repeat the treatment after the acoustic signal by pressing the STEP button repeatedly.

You have two options after completing the SQOOM xcential hyaGel treatment:

Wash away the xcential hyaGel with a damp cloth or use the xcential hyaGel as a mask and allow the valuable ingredients to positively affect the cuticle. You can also let the skin absorb the mask overnight, in order to obtain the result of a soft baby skin. Please be careful to completely wash off the xcential hyaGel mask before applying your body care cream.

Please download the SQOOM user guide for other programmes using the xcential hyaGel.

Please note, once this item has been opened it cannot be returned.