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Wellbox Lipo Massage

Wellbox Lipo Massage

The Wellbox Original is now discontinued. We recommend the new Wellbox S as an excellent upgrade to this device.

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Effective treatment from the comfort of your own home

Obviously it wont give you the drastic results that surgery would, but the motorised rollers work to drain, sculpt, and relax the skin, and you should see a difference in no time. Youll only need to use it for between 3 and 6 minutes per area each day, and even less once you start to see results. The best bit is the saving. Get a salon treatment for 1000 or own it yourself for a fraction of the cost.


Salon quality technology

The Wellbox is the use-at-home baby brother of the LPG family whose technology is used in salons all over the world to give amazing results. It uses clever motorized rollers to safely and gently pull the skin in three directions of rotation, releasing trapped localised fat andshrinking your bodys fat cells. The SelfLift programme is designed for use on your face it activates your skin cells to create more collagen and elastin. This boosts the elasticity and youthfulness of your skin.

What's in the Box?
  • Wellbox Lipo Massage
  • 3 Roll Treatment Heads
  • 2 Lift Treatment Heads
  • Mains power cord, 100-240VAC/60Hz input - 24 VCD output
  • Four adapters
  • A head connection hose
  • Power supply
  • 2 Removal tools for the Lift heads
  • 20 Spare Filters
  • A box of cleaning wipes with an antiseptic, bactericidal and fungicidal solution
  • Operator's Manual
  • Instructions

We recommend

Wellbox filters - pack of 20

It is recommended that the filter is change after 4-5 hours of use so a pack of 20 should last 80-100 hours.

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Facial care

Wellbox® facial care is provided by LIFT treatment heads that deliver micropulses to the skin. The LIFT heads, equipped with flaps, stimulate fibroblasts (the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin) in every millimeter of the treated skin. Wellbox® technology is a mechanical activator of collagen and elastin.

  • Visibly younger skin
  • Thicker skin on the face, neck, and neckline.
  • Clearer complexion, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, firmer contours.
  • Visible and lasting results! (+53% firmness, -44% expression wrinkles(1))


Body care

Wellbox® body care stimulates the skin with its motorized palpating-rolling action.

The Roll heads release localized fat that is resistant to diet and physical exercise. With its direct action on adipocytes (the cells responsible for fat storage), Wellbox® cellular stimulation mechanically activates lipolysis.

  • A resculpted body.
  • Smoother cellulite, firmer tissue, a refined figure.
  • Visible and lasting results! Up to 20% less cellulite and up to -3.5 cm smaller thighs (2).


With Wellbox®, say goodbye to aggression.
Hello to the era of cellular stimulation.
Welcome to the new era of wellness and better living!


Cellulite Action

  • Reduced cellulite and volume in treated areas. Reshaped figure. Reduced cellulite (orange peel effect)

Firming Action

  • Target sagging skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines

Circulatory Action

  • Improve local circulation, the complexion, and the softness of the skin. Lighten your lets and improve the circulation of blood

Relaxation and Wellness Action

  • Release muscle tension and eliminate soreness

Smoothing Action

  • Soften the skin and improve suppleness.


Wellbox® on your entire body to live better in your body, for you and your family.

Simple guided use

A Wellbox® session lasts 3 to 6 minutes per zone. We recommend using Wellbox® every day for the face and every two days for the body. Once you are happy with the results, sessions can be spaced out more. Use Wellbox® twice a day to maximize your results. Consistency is the key to success!


Performing a Wellbox® treatment is simple. The instructions guide you through setting up the machine, how long a session lasts, and how a session is completed. Wellbox® will soon become part of your regular beauty routine.


The control/navigation interface makes the Wellbox® simple and intuitive to use. It has eight keys and an LCD screen that displays the settings to adjust based on the treatment to be performed.

Wellbox® has been used for proven procedures in the scientific domain for many years now and is used by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, doctors, physical therapists, institutes, and world renowned spas.

Universities, researchers and independent laboratories have contributed to the scientific testing of the “motorized palpater-roller” and “massager-lifter”, and they have found serious and statistically significant results.

After Two Months with Wellbox® Body Care

  • Up to a 20% reduction in cellulite
  • Up to 3.5 cm around the thighs


After Two Months with Wellbox® Face Care

  • 53% reduction in sagging skin
  • 44% reduction in expression lines


End of treatment:

  • 100% of women are satisfied
  • 88% want to be able to continue.



Clinical study involving 24 women, Dermexpert Laboratory, Paris
Clinical study involving 30 women, Centre de Pharmacologie Clinique Appliquée à la Dermatologie, Nice

With Wellbox®, say goodbye to aggression, and enter the era of cellular stimulation!

Wellbox® comes with five interchangeable treatment heads for the body and face. They are designed for all skin types, regardless of sensitivity.

  • One (1) ROLL treatment heads with rollers

Roll Head 1Roller width: 15 mm.

This is the smallest treatment head, developed from Roll mechanical technology. Using a deep-working targeted application, its rollers gently move tissue to drain, sculpt, and relax each and every area of skin. This head was created primarily to treat small areas, like the hands, knees, ankles, arch of the foot, and some parts of the face.

  • One (2) ROLL treatment heads with rollers

Roll Head 2Roller width: 30 mm.

Developed from Roll mechanical technology, this is the intermediate treatment head. Refer to the operator's manual to identify the program that best fits your goals and settings (sequential or continuous). This head was created for medium-sized surfaces: arms, forearms, and calves.


  • One (3) ROLL treatment heads with motorized rollers

Roll Head 3Roller width: 45 mm.

This is the largest body treatment head, based directly on Roll (independent motorized rollers) professional technology. Pressing once on the action button triggers a forward rotation, and pressing it again reverses the direction of the rollers. The rollers gently grip the treated area and stimulate, drain, and soften the tissue. This head was created especially for large areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and back.

  • LIFT [1] Treatment Head with detachable flaps

Lift Head 1Developed from LPG’s professional Tissular Liftingtechnology to gently lift the skin, the flaps softly move, going deep to stimulate fibroblasts (the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin). The skin’s structure becomes visibly firmer, software, thicker, and more full.

The LIFT 1 treatment head is especially well-suited for the most delicate parts of the body and face. The eyes, mouth, and other areas.

  • LIFT [2] Treatment Head with detachable flaps

Lift Head 2Developed from LPG’s professional Tissular Lifting technology. The flaps deliver steady micropulses, stimulating fibroblasts (the cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin) in every millimeter of the treated skin. This action truly restructures the skin, restoring its thickness and fullness. The Wellbox® LIFT treatment heads mechanically activate collagen.

The LIFT 2 treatment head is especially well-suited for the face, neck, and neckline.


Wellbox® also comes with:

  • a main power cord, 100-240VAC/60Hz input - 24 VCD output.
  • Four adapters to allow the Wellbox® to be used anywhere in the world.
  • A head connection hose
  • Power supply
  • Two (2) removal tools for the Lift heads.
  • A set of 20 spare filters
  • A box of cleaning wipes with an antiseptic, bactericidal and fungicidal solution
  • One Operator's Manual
  • Instructions.

 Wellbox® is covered under warranty for two years.

  • Control/navigation interface

NaviagtionIt offers a simple, user-friendly Wellbox® interface. It has eight keys and an LCD screen that displays the settings to adjust based on the treatment to be performed.


The keys are used to control:

1/ Power
To select the power level, press – or + to adjust the desired power.

2/ Rhythm
To select the treatment program (continuous or sequential), press one of < ou >
four program selection: No rhythm, slow rhythm, medium rhythm, fast rhythm

3/ Use Time
Press  –  or + to define the session duration (check the operator’s manual for the duration of the chosen treatment. Never exceed the maximum duration of 30 minutes.) By default, the machine is set up and automatically displays six minutes.

4/ Roll Up Technique
The rollers roll across the skin toward the inside of the chest.
Objectives: Sculpt and contour. To treat stubborn localized fat.

5/ Lift Technique
The flaps work up to a frequency of 8 Hz.
Objective: Skin oxigenaation and well-being. For dry, sagging skin, with wrinkles and dull skin.

6/ Starting and stopping the session
To start, stop, continue, or cancel a session.

To turn on your Wellbox®.

  • Filtration System

The filter must be changed regularly for the machine to function properly. When the filter icon continually appears on the navigation screen, you must replace the filter before using your Wellbox® again. Warning: Never use Wellbox® without a filter!



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