Setting the trend

CurrentBody was the first UK based company to recognise one of the fastest growing trends in world beauty. Whilst the UK has been slower on the uptake, (something not entirely new to our country when faced with technology) we are now clearly following the US and Japan and other parts of Europe in ‘plugging in’ to the latest electrical treatments for home use.

It’s unclear exactly what is causing the significant rise in women and men buying electrical devices for home use, but there are some obvious influencing factors.
Unfulfilled expectations have long since been the curse of the ‘beauty machine’, but with greater innovation allowing manufacturers to create devices that mimic their in-salon big brothers, consumers have opportunities to enjoy consistent treatment sessions without costly and time consuming return visits to see a beauty therapist.
Our lives have changed significantly, as people increasingly use their hand-held communication devices to enhance their activities both in work and socially. In a similar way, consumers are beginning to use hand-held beauty devices ‘on the go’ to supplement their healthy lifestyles. It is no fluke that products like Clarisonic – a device already small enough to grace the space next to your toothbrush – has been made in even more handy travel size. Convenience is what makes us tick, and turning up at a salon after scratching around to find coins to feed the parking meter, then waiting to see a therapist 20 minutes behind schedule whilst drinking a luke-warm glass of Pinot is no longer convenient. Of course I am being a little unkind to the luxury service provided in many of our superb day spas, but you get the picture.

Lives have changed, but our desire to look and feel good has not. In fact I would go one stage further and highlight another influence in the surge of products claiming to remove a wrinkle or two. The economic climate seems to have a different effect on the beauty world, feel good factors become harder to find and often time spent on yourself is just the boost needed away from the daily grind. Not recession-proof by any means, but there’s no doubt that the beauty world rides the waves well.

Bringing me on to cost. It’s hardly rocket science, but once you have realised that your beauty therapist is intent on selling a course of 10 treatments at £60 a pop, suddenly even the most expensive home-use alternatives come into reach. Lying on a bed being pampered has clear value, but so too does owning that piece of equipment yourself and essentially seeing the same results – even if over a slightly longer period of time.

We now have home use alternatives to nearly every salon essential, from hair removal to cellulite reduction, from teeth whitening to hair growth laser tech, and as fast moving technology continues to miniaturise the techniques available without compromising on safety or results, this beauty trend will soon become less of a trend and more of the norm.

 Not just a beautiful trend…

Of course, we have taken home-use gadgetry way beyond beauty. There are high end solutions to aid with rehab, performance and elite conditioning, first used by competing professional athletes around the globe and now available for both club and amateur sports men and women chasing that personal best or a speedy recovery. Then there is dental care, tanning…basically all aspects of face and body care – all delivered by extraordinary little devices suitable for everyday use. provides at-home luxury, self-improvement and healing let us be your first choice for at-home innovations.

And of course…

Super fast delivery
We always aim to get your order on its way to you lightning fast at just £7.99 for an express next-day service, while our 2-3 day delivery rate is just £3.99. If you’re not in a hurry, we also offer free delivery for a delivery aim of 5-7 working days. Of course, we love our international customers too, and offer competitive delivery rates across the globe.

Authentic products at great prices
We take pride in sourcing the most well known and innovative products available, and then check our prices regularly to make sure we’re offering the best price in Europe. We’re also an official UK retailer for Clarisonic, and the exclusive distributor for Tripollar in the UK.

Tried and tested
We would never dream of selling a product on without experiencing first-hand that it works. Because Newlands Medical Centre – one of the largest private medical centres in the North West of England – is the home of, you can be sure we’ve tried, tested and recommended each and every product that we sell. You can even come and collect your order in person, or try before you buy at one of our product-focused workshopsRead more about Newlands Medical Centre.

Safe shopping
With our secure server, your personal details are safe. All information you provide is encrypted (scrambled) using the industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology so that when you submit an order from the online form to our computer, nothing can be read as it travels down the secure line.

Outstanding, friendly customer service
We’ll never leave you hanging during any part of your order and you’ll receive emails from us each step of the way. If you have questions or need advice, you can contact us by phone, emailfacebook or twitter – whatever your chosen method, we’re on hand and dedicated to providing expert answers on how our products can best help you.  And as we’re using our products every day at Newlands, our experts can offer you the most up-to date, to-the-minute info available. Read more about our experts.




  1. Reply

    carol sabatini

    April 28, 2015

    Hi – Could you please tell what advantages, if any, Tripollar Stop appliance has overn LightStim?

    • Reply

      Holly Robison

      May 5, 2015

      Hi Carol,

      Both devices are designed to stimulate collagen production in the skin but they work in different ways. The Light Stim harnesses LED light technology to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin deep with the skin cells. The LightStim uses 4 colours of LED light – amber, light red, dark red and infra red – to promote cell growth, filling out your skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
      The TriPollar STOP uses Radio Frequency technology which works to heat your skin from the inside This heat then boosts dermal activity on the deeper layers. The result is the stimulation of collagen production and thickening of the skin’s foundation, which in-turn tightens, firms and renews your skin.

      Both are clinically proven products and will have a similar effect when used regularly. If you would like to talk through the products, please contact us on and one of our Beauty Experts will arrange a time to call for a chat.