What’s your skin trying to tell you? Introducing your own personal skin translator…

We’re already tuned in to the idea of fitness trackers and keeping an eye on our progress on that side of the spectrum, so for the beauty-conscious it makes sense that the same concept could be useful in our beauty routines too. Our skin is constantly being exposed to constant stress from hot, cold & artificial environments, and these ups and downs can play havoc with our skin’s hydration and in turn lead to premature ageing. So what if you had a device to tell you exactly what your skin needs on the go? HydraTest in Use HydraTest Intelligent Skin AnalysisHydraTest does just that – making it easy to understand what your skin is trying to tell you so that you can perfect, adapt and measure the results of your skin care routine.

What I personally find the best thing about this device is that you’ll be able to tell if your skincare products are actually working. HydraTest makes it easy to track improvement from beneath the surface of the skin – so no more wasting time and money on products that aren’t actually making any improvement beyond the surface.

We’ve already been having lots of fun in the office competing to see who has the healthiest skin on the HydraTest scale… HydraTest in the CurrentBody office

How it Works

HydraTest utilises the very same technology used in larger medical and beauty equipment to ensure accurate and precise information about your skin.

Simple to operate, the digital display tells you oil and hydration levels within 3 to 5 seconds.

This information is then cross referenced with a credit card sized guide included with the product. Simple and practical – making it perfect for keeping your skin in top condition on the go.

We’re offering HydraTest at a special introductory price of £67.50 – get in quick, as this special price is only around until Monday the 14th of April.

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    September 16, 2014

    This seems like an extremely helpful to regularly monitor the oil and water balance of the skin, so that one can alter the skin treatment accordingly. £67.50 is a very economical price for a device that offers such important information about the skin’s health. I would love to order this product at the earliest and see for myself how well it works. Thanks for sharing!!!