Turbocharged Summer Circuit

As Summer is well under way I’ve been taking things up a notch in recent months to make sure I’m at my best for bikini season. It’s not all a beach-body business though – I find being extra fit and healthy helps me deal with all sorts of Summer-specific things better too – not least keeping up with the packed social calendar that comes with the occasional burst of sunshine!

I’ve been a bit obsessed with our Slendercise videos since they came out recently, and have really got a bit addicted to turbocharging my workouts to the point where I’ve tailored my own Slendercise circuit for summer, great for using with Slendertone Abs in particular (though ace with Slendertone Bottom too).

I find my energy levels can become a bit of an issue in hot, humid conditions so it’s great to know that the rewards of my efforts are being amplified. This circuit alternates between cardio and strength to enable the body to catch its breath, have a rest and cool down during the summer heat.

Turbo Charged Summer Circuit

Summer Circuit with Slendertone

Fitness Beginner: Each exercise: 1min. In-between rest: 1min.

Fitness Improver: Each exercise: 1.30min. In-between rest: 30s.

Fitness Fanatic: Each exercise: 2mins. In-between rest: 10s.

Crouch down, legs back into push up position, legs in, stand up

FB: Step one leg out at a time

FI: Jump both legs out together

FF: Jump at the top

Leg Raises
Lie on back with legs straight. Lift legs up to 90 degrees keeping them as straight as possible

FB: Arms down by your sides, lift one leg at a time

FI: Arms down by your sides, lift both legs together

FF: Arms up above in a wide V lift both legs together

Stand up straight and bend at the knees keeping your chest raised. Make sure your knees aren’t tracking over your toes. Stick your bum out like you’re going to sit down.

FB/FI: Normal static squats

FF: Add a jump in-between

Plank hold
Press up position, but on your elbows.

FB: Knees down

FI: Knees up

FF: Lift one leg for half the time, then the other

Mountain climbers
Start in press up position. Bring your knee into your chest one leg at a time.

FB: Step the feet out behind you one at a time

FI/FF: Jump the feet out when you switch

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head for support. Keep the elbows out to the sides as you pull your half way up towards your knees. Come back to starting position.

FB: Breath in and out inbetween each crunch

FI/FF: Breath out to come up, in to go down

Jog on the spot
Don’t forget to use your arms too and keep your hands relaxed and lower than your heart.

FB: Slow jog

FI: Medium jog

FF: Fast jog

Push ups
Keep hands underneath your shoulders and facing in towards each other.

FB: Keep knees on the floor

FI: Alternate knees down, knees up

FF: Knees off

Step one foot forwards so the legs are wide apart. Bend the front leg until the back knee almost touches the floor and repeat.

FB/FI: Just normal lunges forward, alternating legs

FF: Jumping lunges

If you’re just starting out, don’t be disheartened if you can’t complete the whole circuit. Do as much as you feel you can and next time you might be able to do a little bit more. If you keep it up, you’ll be surprised how quickly you improve. Try it out and let me know how you like it!

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