7 Tips For Growing Hair Longer, Faster

Zoella has more than 8 million YouTube subscribers, loadsa famous friends, a second book deal in the pipeline, and a £1-million mansion to call her own. But the thing that has got us really envious is her hair. All those long flowing locks. Seriously. Where does her hair even end?

If you’ve been tried everything under the sun to make your hair grow just that little bit longer in time for summer – hello, gorgeous beach waves – then read on, as we’re going to share some of our favourite tips for growing hair longer, faster!

Step One: Patience

Hair isn’t going to magically sprout overnight, so find a way to love your in-between style as much as you’re going to love your long style. If mid length hair doesn’t do it for you, try styling it into a braided crown or a faux bob.

This fishtail braid styled by our very own Emily would work wonders, too!

Step two: Get Regular Trims

“I’m trying to grow my hair, why would I cut it?” we hear you cry! The simple reason is that hair needs to be healthy right down to the tip if it’s going to look any good long. By getting regular trims, you’ll be staying on top of split ends – and trust me, long hair riddled with split ends is not a good look!

Step three: Cheat

Ok, so I guess this one isn’t actually a method to make your hair grow, but it can be useful if you want long hair for a special occasion. Consult a professional before picking extensions, as you’ll want them to blend into your natural hair colour.

Step four: Sort Out Your Routine

The biggest mistake people make when getting in the shower is thinking that they should shampoo every time, but not necessarily condition. If anything, you can get away with not shampooing every time you get in the shower, but you should condition the ends EVERY time you get your hair wet.

Step five: Pamper Yourself

If you can’t remember the last time you used a hair mask, that means it’s time to use a hair mask. Go for something with deeply nourishing oils to give the ends (read: oldest) bits of your hair a treat.

Step six: Ditch the Towel

Rubbing your hair dry with a towel might speed up the drying process, but you’re ruining your hair in the process. When hair is wet it’s more delicate and more likely to break. Use a micro fibre towel to wrap your hair on top of your head – absolutely no rubbing allowed! – and then simply let it down when you’re ready to finish drying your hair.

Step seven: Comb with Caution

Brush your hair ever so delicately, and never when it’s wet. Try a wide-toothed comb to tease out tangles when your hair is wet to prevent breakage. Make sure you keep your hairbrush nice and clean too, as re-introducing old dirt and grease will only mean you have to wash your hair more often.

Emily is currently in the process of growing out her short bob, and shared her tips in this video…

July 6, 2015