The Science Behind the TriPollar

Ba-Ding! You’ve got mail! But this mail was far less exciting than anything in a Nora Ephron movie…

It was an e-mail asking me to come up with a “sciency” post about the TriPollar. “Something that explains how the doo-dars and the whatchamacallits work” was pretty much the brief. Science was never something I excelled in, the iron filings part of physics blew my mind. I still don’t totally understand the voodoo behind that. But I’ll give my sciency post a try…

In the most basic way possible, the TriPollar shoots “radio-frequency” waves at your skin, like Marvin the Martian with his tiny ray gun. These penetrate below the surface and heat things up. As the collagen producing parts of your skin are heated, they contract, bringing everything closer together and tightening your skin. The heat also supercharges the metabolism in fat cells, which causes them to shrink as they secrete fatty acids. Et Voila! Younger-looking skin.

So why is the TriPollar so much better than previous/ rival models? As the tri part suggests, there are three electrodes, which makes everything more focussed. This means it requires less heat to be effective, and the device won’t overheat from prolonged use. Also, it won’t overheat your skin and require an additional cooling device.

Diagram 1.1 is a highly scientific representation of why I didn’t become an artist, either.

Hope that clears things up a bit! If not, check out our website 🙂