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Talika Legs Tonic: Before & After


Talika Legs TonicAfter a long day, many people experience bloating and swelling in their legs. Traditionally, health experts have recommended relieving that feeling of tightness with specialised massage, compression stockings and light exercises. They are generally quite time consuming to take effect and can leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Thankfully, Talika Legs Tonic has come to our rescue. Taking inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine, this streamlined device gently massages your Meridian touch points to reduce swelling and boost overall well-being across your body. The portable solution has been designed to combat swollen legs wherever you find yourself, and has been proven to reduce swelling up to 4 times in a short 20 minute session.

Louisa is one of our happy customers and has been using Talika Legs Tonic over the past few weeks. Here’s what she had to say about her experience.

Tell us about your experience with Talika Legs Tonic

The device itself very easy to set up albeit found the adherence a little fiddly for the first time. I found by 2nd use, by pressing in the middle then both ends of the pads hard, it made the correct contact. I probably expected too much from first use and should know that real benefits are seen over time so I pushed aside the immediate disappointment that my leg didn’t look significantly more toned! Let’s face it, you don’t lift a barbell and come out with Michelle Obama arms in 1 session! So I persevered and found I started to look forward to my daily mini massage and then when I stopped over analysing the effects, i actually did notice it working! I prefer to use in quite a high setting and my legs actually do feel a little lighter from each use.

Talika Legs Tonic Before & After

Would you recommend this product to someone else?

Yes, it’s a neat device. It’s easy to find time to treat my legs as I can use Legs Tonic whilst reading or watching TV. I find it works best when I have my legs up rather than standing. It gently massages your legs to relieve tiredness and really does work. The best thing is that I have actually lost 1.5cm from each calf in just a couple of weeks! Although it’s an investment, it’s cheaper than getting a professional massage and you can use it as often as you like.


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