Spring Skin Care: An Instagram Story

Easter Eggs are filling the aisles, you actually needed your sunglasses the other day, and you’ve used the hashtag #springishere 16 times in the past week. There’s an unmistakable feeling that the end of winter might be just around the corner, which means it’s time to start prepping for summer!

Join us on a spring skin care journey, told with a little help from some Instagram snaps…

Photo by Alessandra Rizzotti

Image by Alessandra Rizzotti

Let’s talk about exfoliating for a minute. If your legs haven’t been seen since late October, then chances are you’ve been skimping on the exfoliation sessions – it’s time to dig out that loofah and give your body a good scrub down! Follow Riikka Kantinkoski’s lead with a coarse flannel and dry brush to slough away any traces of winter.

Image by Riikka Kantinkoski

Image by Riikka Kantinkoski

The dreaded effects of winter might be visible in the condition of your lips, too. Invest in a good lip scrub (we love Lush’s popcorn scrub) or make your own like this Instagrammer, who combines vaseline with sugar for this nourishing treat. (Also, those nails!!)

Image by sister.of.the.moon_

Image by sister.of.the.moon_

Keep your body and skin in tip-top shape by making sure you drink enough water every day. Being indoors can have a dehydrating effect on your skin, so embrace the brisk air and head out for a walk with a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. Just like @grinandbarreit, we love out BKR bottles!

Image by grinandbarreit

Image by grinandbarreit

Worried about your lack of spring wardrobe choices? Get yourself a touch of colour with a fake tan and look again. Lifting your skin tone with a pop of colour will boost your confidence and help you move away from the thick tights and chunky knits.

Image by Courtney Peeters

Image by Courtney Peeters

And finally, the change in weather might require a change in skincare. Some people move away from the heavy winter moisturisers towards a lighter, milkier formula. Listen to your skin and experiment until you find the right blend to complete you spring skin care routine.

Image by Heather Antonovich

Image by Heather Antonovich