Resolutions Revisited – What’s Your Excuse?

How many of you promised to kick start a healthier you at the beginning of 2014? Whether it be visiting the gym more often, improving your diet, or simply looking after your body just that little bit better, we’re pretty sure thousands of men and women were more than geared up to make this the year for change.

What's your excuse? Resolutions revisited

Having reached the half waypoint of 2014 and the beginning of a fresh new summer month, it would be interesting to see how many people have successfully managed to stick to their resolutions.

We’ve compiled some of the best excuses we’ve heard from the CURRENTBODY team over the past few months. See if any of these sound all too familiar:

 ‘If I finish all the chocolate in the house today, there won’t be any left for me to eat tomorrow.’Alexandra – Marketing Executive

 “I got a really good workout shopping the sales this afternoon, no need for the gym.”Abi – Customer Service Executive

 “It’s someone’s birthday somewhere in the world so it’s okay that I’m eating cake for breakfast.” – Rebecca – Customer Experience Manager

 “My wife has me running around after her enough at home. It’s all the exercise I need.” Andrew Showman – Managing Director

 If any of these ring a bell then we think you would benefit from a new CURRENTBODY resolution:

‘To put in minimum effort, and achieve maximum results.”

We’re a big fan.

Many of the products we sell are designed to enhance your health and beauty regime without the need for salon treatments, trips to the gym and harsh diets. So, if you like the sound of toning tums and looking beautiful whilst sat at home, just take a look around the CURRENTBODY site. Happy new you.

What’s your best excuse for ditching the resolutions? Comment below and let us know.