One Month ‘Till Christmas

T’was the month before Christmas, and all across the land,
No one was ready: not a single thing was planned.
We’ve spent the whole year saying: ‘My, how time flies’.
But fear not dear reader, CurrentBody is here to advise…

With only one month to go until Christmas, and the holiday season well and truly upon us, it’s time to stop asking where the year has gone and start getting your Christmas ducks in a row! If you want to see results by Christmas, now is the time to start planning! Here’s our unbeatable list of activities to get you in the Christmas mood. No red Starbucks cups required!

1. Order your Christmas tree

It’s always a risk: pick one up too soon and you end up with pile of pine needles and tinsel by Christmas day, and if you snag one too late you risk being stuck with a woeful-looking spruce.

Charlie Brown Tree

But if you order your tree online, they can deliver it at a time to suit you – and many companies will also offer a collection service for after the Christmas period, so you won’t have to worry about the remnants!

2. Put your game face on

The holiday season means one thing: parties! If you want to look your best this party season, but don’t fancy any painful or invasive treatments, consider the CACI Microlift to deliver salon-quality results for a fraction of the cost. A course of 10 microcurrent facial treatments could cost you anywhere between £500 and £700 in a salon, but the CACI Microlift allows you to get the same results from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost. And the best part: if you order if today and follow the 12 treatments over four weeks plan, you should see results by Christmas day!

3. Start building your Holiday wish list

Make sure your family and friends know exactly what you want for Christmas this year, and never worry about having to endure the awkwardness of returning or exchanging a gift ever again! Use a service like Wishlistr to let the world know what you’re coveting, and encourage your loved ones to do the same! Make sure you make a note of all the top CurrentBody devices you want!


4. Shape Up!

The overindulgence associated with the holiday season can wreak havoc on your fitness goals, but it needn’t! With a device like the Slendertone Premium Abs for Men (or Women), you could see results before Christmas day when used as a passive fitness device, or to ramp up your current exercise regime. There’s no risk of overdoing it before the big day, as it also takes you through a ‘warm up’ and ‘warm down’ period to prevent muscle strain – and with ten programmes to choose from, it’s ideal for the fitness fanatic or the beginner alike!

Matt LeBlanc Thumbs Up

5. Pick your bird

And finally… just like your Christmas tree dilemma, leaving your food order till the last minute can spell disaster – either being lumbered with a monster turkey to feed two, or trying to think of inventive ways to make a dinky chicken feed eight. Christmas is a wonderful time of year to support local businesses, so get your order in with your local butcher and they’ll probably give you a great deal. Don’t forget to throw in some chipolatas, proper stuffing, and some naughty goose fat for the potatoes! Go on, it’s Christmas!

Monika Friends Turkey

How are you preparing for the holiday season?