No Time to Work Out…? Workout For Busy People

I just scoffed down a Wispa ice cream in less than 4 bites, and now I feel like an enormous heifer. Normally I would offset the guilt by going out for a run, or doing an extra 15 minutes of Pilates, but today is just so busy – I don’t know how I’m supposed to fit everything in!

Make Time For Exercise

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It got me thinking about the best way to workout for busy professionals… trust me, I’ve tried everything.

1) Walk, run or cycle to work – this is obviously only an option if you live within walking, running, or cycling distance. And if you have showers in your offices, or a gym close by. If you can’t squeeze in some exercise on your way to work, how about getting off the bus a stop early? Or take the stairs instead of the lift when you get to work?

2) Get your workout while you work – use an exercise ball as an office chair. I tried this one! It’s supposed to strengthen your core and help with back problems, but I just kept falling off it, which is really awkward during conference calls.

3) You know that time in the evening, after work, but before dinner, I call it “Facebook Time”. Scrap that and go for a run. And then post a smug update about it.

4) Wake up an hour earlier and just get it done! I’ve found this method the most effective – it charges you up for the day and puts you in a great mood. AND, it makes you more conscious about what you eat throughout the rest of the day; you won’t want to ruin your good streak by pigging out.