My Hi-Tech Summer Beauty Routine

Summer’s here, social life is back on and skin is on show – so I thought I’d give you some insight into my summer beauty routine for those of you who are wondering how some up-to-date gadgetry might help you out this summer:

CurrentBody: Liv's Summer Beauty Routine

Morning cleanse with my lovely Mia 2! Evidence suggests that your morning cleanse is even more important than your evening one – mainly because while you’ve been dreaming, your body’s been working away pushing out toxins and other yuck – and yes, that includes through your skin. I may be in the minority but I’ve always thought that facial scrubs suck. Hard little grains of sand in an ominously coloured liquid scratching away at your face? Hardly seems like it’ll do much to get your skin clean and fresh. Mia 2′s sonic cleansing is the most refreshing start to the day I could wish for and is like starting every day with a fresh canvas!
Natural products nestle comfortably alongside my mod cons – my fave lotions and potions are by Naked Bodycare, especially the Coco de Mer Body Butter which is an absolute dream of a moisturiser.
Hair straighteners – not just for straightening. You can use these Beurer bad boys for tight curls, loose curls, messy waves, sassy flicks – head off to youtube for some tutorials, you’ll never leave. My go-to tool for almost all my hair styling.

On the go handbag essentials:
Essential kit! No matter how closely I squint into my not-so-well-lit bathroom mirror, I’m always catching strays – so my little light-up handbag kit by Beurer has become a bit of a brow saviour.
A teeny-tiny device great for immediately nipping any zits in the bud – Tanda Zap spot treatment.  I used to use tea-tree oil with some success in stopping the spot in its tracks – but it always left me with a little dry skin patch afterwards. No problems with this little gem of a gadget.

Hair removal. Being a bit nerdy, I actually worked out how much I would spend over a lifetime with a razor/wax combo before swiftly getting myself a MeMyElos. Weighing up the comparison in long-term cost with the fact that you can use it just about anywhere on your body without uncomfortable silences between you and your beauty therapist, it was more than worth it.
– Bodybuffin’ with the HoneyBelle Bodybuffer. I just love this thing. It rather appealingly promises to ‘promote a feeling of well-being’ Super smooth skin, and really soothing after a tough workout. One of the best things about it is that it’s a great size for whole-body care – after all, who wants to be sitting around for hours using a product?
And then… Rio Airbrush Tanning. Stranger to the sunbed (why risk it with alternatives this good?), I was finally able to say goodbye to Mr. can of streaky tanner when I discovered this little box of magic. Considering what you’d pay for a bit of airbrush glow in a salon this has become one of my favourite tools and one of the products I’m most grateful to be able to use in my own home. No-one will ever know this healthy glow isn’t my own, muahaha.
Night time collagen boost. You’re totally fine to use the Mia 2 twice a day, but three nights a week I use my Silk’N Reju instead – for a couple of reasons. One – stimulating collagen production before bed gives my skin a boost as it works on itself overnight. Two – the 15-20 minute routine is the perfect thing to get me ready for a night of Cinderella-level z’s which is great when I really need it during the week.
Uh ohs… Something I noticed for the first time a couple of weeks ago – my first glimpse of cellulite. I shouldn’t be surprised really – 80% of women will experience it, but that doesn’t mean we should have to put up with it! In this area of body woes, all sources say you can’t go wrong with Wellbox. I’m just waiting for mine to arrive (in lovely green) – and I’m sure it’ll become a regular fixture in my routine before long.

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Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Cleanser



June 14, 2013