Last-minute tips for London Marathon champions

The wait is over – it’s the London Marathon this weekend! For those of you running (or even those of you thinking of running next year) I thought I’d share with you my last-minute performance enhancing regime for the lead up to the big day.

Photo by Kyle Taylor

Photo by Kyle Taylor

Carbs, carbs, carbs
For long-distance running, this is a must in the lead up to increase glycogen storage for speed and endurance. I’m aiming for about 60% of my intake on Thursday, Friday and Saturday – but do ya sums as it does vary according to your weight. Head over to the CB pinterest for some yummy recipe ideas.

Don’t over-compensate
The worst thing to do right now is to go overboard and risk an injury last-minute that will trash all your hard work. Your last long run (i.e. your last ‘test run’) should probably have been and gone by now, so concentrate on workouts that will keep your fitness and motivation ticking over with minimal risk of injury.

Stick to what you know
Similarly to the above, don’t start changing up anything last minute – training or otherwise. That means if you are increasing your carb intake, stick to more of what you’ve been eating before rather than introducing anything new.

Get your brain in the zone

Get your sleep, relax, and plan how you’re going to keep focused on the day and in the final hours before the race. This could include reading a familiar book – which is my method of choice -, chatting with family and friends (about something other than the race, I’d say!), or just looking wistfully into the distance – think about what works for you.

Need I really say more?

Get your playlist ready
This one kind of applies to getting your brain in the zone, but especially if you’re running on your lonesome this is an essential you can’t forget. The London Marathon website has its own section dedicated to this, but I’ve found that spending some time getting a really personalised playlist together can be great mental prep, as well as being amazing for getting the excitement going – if you’re not excited enough already!

A few extra pro tips from Phil!Phil Well

Looking to break your personal best?

The POWERbreathe Kinetic uses the basic principles of resistance training. Just as you might use weights to strengthen your arm muscles, breathing in through POWERbreathe against the electronically controlled, rapid-response valve creates a resistance to inhalation, thereby increasing inspiratory muscle strength and endurance. Great for long distance runners!

Warm down well!
Last but not least, warm down strapped to a muscle stimulator to ensure the week ahead you can sit at your desk without cramping up. Brings me back to a conversation with a well-known British Ironman, travelling back from Kona’s gruelling World Championship in Hawaii. He looked to his left and saw the winner sat in his seat on the plane with a Compex MI Sport attached to his legs. After asking all about it, he told me he never competed without one for both pre and post race. Amateurs can now train and compete like the professionals and notice the difference, without huge expense – check out Globus and Slendertone.

Good luck from both of us to everyone running on Sunday!

April 8, 2013