How to Rediscover the Resolve for Your Resolutions

It’s no secret that at CurrentBody we love quick results – and we know you do too. I mean, who wouldn’t? HOWEVER – we also realise that just because you want quick results, it doesn’t mean that you guys don’t put in the hard work too. At no other time of the year are more of you persevering towards your goals than in January and Febuary – the time of New Year’s Resolutions. Loads of us try to use the New Year as a kick off point to achieve new goals by forming new habits, but by Feb many of us may be beginning to slip up, or may have done so already. Almost all advice on how to form habits (i.e. commit to your resolution long-term) gives the same amount of time – 21 days – after which, apparently, your habit will be magically formed. The truth is, research has shown that it can actually take, on average, 66 days to successfully form a new habit, and in some cases nearly a year, depending on how difficult the task is. A good few never manage to form their habit – on willpower alone, that is. In reality, sometimes you just need a little helping hand – and I’m telling you, there’s zero shame in that if it helps you achieve what you want, or need, to become a healthier, happier person. Here are my top tips on how to help yourself (and others) along:

Make a Mood Board.

I know, I know. It’s old school – but it’s so useful to help you keep focus when you’ve put a load of stuff in one handy place tailor-made to remind you just why you started and what you’re aiming for. If you’re keen on saving trees, use Pinterest to keep all your inspirations and aspirations together.

Friendly Accountability.

Motivating yourself by having someone to who will hold you accountable is a great start, but be careful who you pick. Picking someone who has the same resolution as you may be a shot in the foot if it turns out their heart’s actually not in it. It may be better to pick someone who is already good at what you want to achieve – the proof is in the pudding as they say – and in turn give them support in their own, separate resolution (even better if it’s something you’re good at, too).  Make sure to find someone you know will be positive if you slip up – there’s nothing more discouraging than disappointment from someone else to make you feel disappointed in yourself.

Small Steps to a Bigger Goal.

It’s all about way you learn and reinforce, not the time it takes. Make a plan, and chop big tasks and milestones into smaller steps. Then chop up those smaller steps into even smaller steps. Repeat the process again if you have to! Pretty soon those big goals will seem more like a series of little ones. It’s not only good for making things much more manageable, but also for things like seeing if your timeframe is realistic and setting up the best basis for encouraging your activity to become habitual. Lift is a great app for breaking up your goals into manageable steps, with motivational progress tracking and coaching.

Your Progress – Track, Record, Reward.

The beauty of technology is that with devices like Fitbit and Misfit Shine, it’s become easier than ever to see the progress that you’re making.  You can record and track your progress with elegantly presented graphs that make it easy to see your achievements at a glance. I would mention that rewarding these achievements shouldn’t necessarily mean treating yourself to something you’ve been missing out on – framing whatever it is as being ‘good’ and your new habits as ‘restrictive’ could be a slippery slope! Instead, your reward system could be an opportunity to train your brain to enjoy something else just as much. Try something that’s guaranteed to make you feel good, guilt-free – catch up on that series you’ve heard loads about or treat yourself to a massage. Remember – missing a day doesn’t mean packing it in – everyone slips up at some point. If you have the right strategy in place, getting yourself back on track should be as easy as going back to your plan and looking at your progress so far. All progress is good progress!

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