How to Care For and Style Damaged Hair

Hair woes are a concern for most of us, whether it’s damaged and brittle or greasy and frizzy, we never seem to be happy when it comes to our manes. Once our hair has sustained damage, it enters a vicious cycle that needs constant care and attention and ultimately breaks off. So if you love a daily blow dry or colour your hair on a monthly basis, pay close attention and follow these five golden hair care rules to rid yourself of damage, once and for all.

Go Easy on the Heat

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We always get told if we want luscious, silky hair to steer clear of heat and leave hair be. However, for most of us it’s not always possible to let hair dry naturally post shower or avoid the straighteners, because lets face it, no one opts for an untamed lion-esque mane when you’re heading to a board meeting or heading out for the night. You don’t need to avoid heat entirely when it comes to looking after your hair, it just takes a bit of consideration and the right products. The T3 SinglePass Luxe Straighteners, effortlessly smooth hair in one sweep, meaning you don’t have to keep going over and over the same section, therefore avoiding damage. The tourmaline ceramic coated plates, maintain healthy hair and the bevelled edges avoid pulling on individual stands – we all know the feeling of that happening with other straighteners. The five adjustable heat settings allow you to choose a temperature that suits your hair type and the 1-hour auto-off makes sure that you can have peace of mind that you’ve not left your straighteners on when you’re out the door.

Protect From the Inside


External factors ave a huge influence on your hair, but what are you doing for your insides that help boost your hair health. Designed by leading hair growth researchers, The Hairmax Dietary Supplements are packed with essential nutrients and anti-oxidants, that have been clinically proven to strengthen your hair, nails and skin. Each serving contains 2500 mcg of Biotin to help your scalp produce keratin and increase hair elasticity. With increased elasticity your hair is less prone to breaking, meaning your hair stays stronger and damage free, even if you’re attacking it with heat and colour.

Get the Salon Treatment at Home

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We’ve all been caught out at the hairdressers when they coerce you into spending an extra £10 to splurge on their ‘intensive restoring treatment.’ But what if you could achieve the same results at home? The iGrow Xcellerate35 Leave-In Hair Treatment is designed to be used after shampooing and helps to strengthen and condition your hair, without weighing it down. The unique iGrow clinical formula contains a blend of 35 ingredients, specially designed to boost volume and fortify your hair. Simply spray 5-10 pumps of the product into wet or towel-dried hair, massaging into the scalp before combing through to the tips. With continued use, you’ll notice your hair become softer, more manageable and easier to style.

Minimise Drying Time

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Like we mentioned above not many of us can leave our hair to dry naturally, but equally we don’t want to cause more damage with excess heat from our hair dryer, plus who has time to spend half an hour drying their hair in 2018? The T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer can eliminate all your hair drying woes. It protects your hair as it dries, and can have your luscious locks ready to go in just seven minutes. This hair dryer uses T3’s Tourmaline and SoftAire technology to generate a larger volume of air and weave it through the dryer at the ideal heat and speed. The ion-enriched air is then released from the dryer in a wide cone shape to dry big sections of hair much more efficiently than a standard hair dryer, plus its kinder and gentler to your hair too. It offers 2 speeds and 3 settings, as well as a cold shot function to give your hair a luxurious shine.

Be Gentle

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Over brushing and using the wrong tool can cause drastic damage to your strands. Pulling and tugging tangled strands with the wrong brush cause breakage and can quickly thin your hair. The T3 Smooth Paddle Brush, features nylon bristles embedded seamlessly in the cushioned base allowing you to glide the brush through your hair, detangling as you style. The use of nylon, heat resistant bristles ensures that you’re not creating much static when using it compared to natural bristled brushes, this minimises frizz and controls that untamed look. It’s the perfect brush to compliment your favourite T3 dryer.

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