Help! I’m addicted to Nodging…

We admit it – the Back Nodger is one product we stock which isn’t electrical. The thing is, this odd-looking piece of kit is such a stroke of genius that we couldn’t pass it up. I, for one, am glad because otherwise I never would have discovered the joys of nodging – the process of deftly applying pressure to those hard-to-reach places to release knots and tension. Think neck, back, shoulders; instant, portable relief for under £30.

To demonstrate my love, I’ve written a haiku dedicated to Nodging:

Back Nodger arrives
Nodge away all my knots. Help!
Nodging addiction!

It’s not just me though, the UK is also taking to twitter to confess that they’re #addictedtonodging… 

EVERYONE get a Back Nodger. I am officially #addictedtonodging. Best self-back massage ever…


Our intern Harry just discovered our office nodger & is now #addictedtonodging in the workplace!Harry Nodging


Literally loving my Back Nodger, it’s amazeballs! (I know it sounds rude, but it’s really not…)

— @Natasha_Rx

We just got nodged at our desks and it was GREAT. Thank you Back Nodger!


Even the experts are addicted:

“I am so impressed with this equipment I have been recommending it to my clients to help alleviate any aches or pains to come following our sessions. I also use it in between sessions to iron out knots”
Neil Johnson
Senior Personal Trainer, Chelsea FC:​​

“I love the BackNodger. It really works and is so easy to use to release all the knots we get from doing everyday activities like sitting at a desk, looking after children or doing exercise”
Paula Coates
Physio, Clinical Lecturer & Back Specialist:​​
Author: “Exercise Your Way To Health” & “Running Repairs”​​​ & Clinical Lecturer, Kings College London

“We recommend the Back Nodger to all our patients. It’s fantastic for keeping backs free from everyday stresses and tensions in-between treatments”
Dr Michael Durtnall 
Founder, Sayer Clinics: London’s leading neck & back pain experts 


Are you addicted to nodging yet?

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October 2, 2013
October 24, 2013