Five New Year’s Resolutions You Should Be Sticking To

Despite evidence suggesting that New Year is the absolute worst time of year to attempt to establish a new habit, there is something quite restorative about the New Year. Maybe it’s the sight of fresh new diary pages, maybe it’s because you finally have a chance to recharge your batteries, or maybe it’s because everyone around you is pledging to make this year the best yet.

Rather than making resolutions that are destined to fail, try making these small alterations to your life in 2015 and instantly reap the benefits!

1. Drink more water

Without doubt, this is the absolute best thing you can do for your body, skin, hair, teeth, nails and mind. Not only is water vital to keep your body in tip-top shape, it also has a huge impact on your skin tone, and how quickly you bounce back after illness (or, y’know, a hangover). If you currently get your liquid intake from juice or fizzy drinks, do yourself a favour in 2015 and make the switch to water.

Don’t fancy plain old boring water? Try some of these incredible detox water recipes from Blogilates for a delicious treat.

Detox Water

2. Make your dentist proud

You are not a shark! You only have one set of teeth, so make sure they last. Make your dentist proud of you in 2015 by keeping your teeth in incredible condition. Book an appointment for a check-up and a clean, and then make it your mission to brush, floss and swish your way to a sparkly smile throughout 2015.

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3. Spend more time away from your computer

As Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror: White Christmas confirmed – with a little help from Jon Hamm – we’re all spending far too much time glued to our various devices! So how do we counteract this trend? Taking up a new hobby is probably the best way to stop wasting time on Buzz Feed in 2015 (no offence, Buzz Feed). If you already spend all day on a computer, don’t make it the norm when you get home too. Try a new sport, join a club, or get crafty!

4. Send more snail mail

Everyone loves receiving mail, which probably explains why sitting down to hand-write a letter is set to become increasingly popular in 2015. If you need a monthly prompt to send more snail mail, UK-based company CardNest can help. They’ll send you three greetings cards every month – each one designed by a hand-picked artist.


 5. Commit to stress less

Stress is killing us, but the solution is simpler than you might think. Figure out your triggers and then change whatever is within your control. Making time for yourself every day will help more than you might expect – try yoga or simple breathing exercises, which you can then call on in stressful situations.

What are you New Year’s Resolutions this year? And what are you doing to make sure you stick to them?