Finding the time – the busy bee’s guide to getting the most out of your beauty routine

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” William Penn

Ah, time. One could say that time is the enemy of beauty, and I’m not just talking liver spots and wrinkles. Time (or rather a lack of it) ensures that even when we have such great methods of fighting back against the effects of it, we often don’t get the chance to make the most of what’s at our disposal. And your good investment can quickly turn into nothing more than a storage space issue if you can’t find the time to use it.

One of our core values at CurrentBody is to offer you products which give you much more flexibility over how and when you use them – let’s not forget that a trip to the spa is often as costly in time as it can be in money. All of CurrentBody’s products are tried and tested by us at our Medical Centre, so we know they work, but on top of that we make sure that all of our products are as easy and quick to use at home as possible.

So let your beauty gadgets languish at the back of a cupboard no more! Here are my tips for getting the most out of your beauty routine – so that being busy doesn’t have to mean sacrificing being beautiful:

Finding the time – the busy bee’s guide to getting the most out of your beauty routine

Clarisonic – 60 seconds

My love affair with the famous sonic cleanse has only gotten stronger since the introduction of the T-Timer with the new Mia 2 – this little pulse just emphasises even more how quick and easy the Clarisonic is to use, giving you 20 seconds for your forehead, 20 for your nose/chin and 10 seconds for each cheek – a mere 60 seconds total!

What’s the verdict? 

“Using my Clarisonic is so simple. I just use it in the shower in the morning then put on my moisturizer and sun block and I’m ready to go. I like routines that are quick and easy and now I have one for my skin. At 47 years old I can say with confidence my skin looks better now than it has in years!” – Catherine L.

“Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing is THE solution and has now become the best one minute (mostly two to three to four minutes) of my day” – Kimberley @ The Beehive Blog

Liv’s tips: It’s not going to be too hard to find time for this little gem of skincare, but here are my suggestions for those for whom every second is gold dust:

While taking a shower: All Clarisonics except the Opal are fully waterproof, so it’s not wonder that the most popular time to use it is during your shower.

While waiting for the kettle to boil – or for the tea to brew! I’ll have you know that according to the UK Tea Council, optimum brewing time is 3-4 minutes – fill that painful wait for tea with some skincare magic.

CACI Microlift – 5-10 mins

Our little miracle of facial toning firms and tones the facial muscles – with no gurning skills required. CACI Microlift has two programs – one designed to smooth wrinkles and one designed for tone – working their magic in 5 minutes each. For best results I’d definitely suggest using both programs for a complete 10 minute facial routine, with a course of 12 treatments over a 4 week period – a mere 30 minutes per week total. Not bad for a pain-free facelift in your own home.

 What’s the verdict?

“The treatment time is only about 10 mins for both the TONING & WRINKLE programmes which when compared to using other gadgets like this one its a clear winner as it means you are more likely to stick to the recommended usage of every other day ensuring you see the benefits from continual use.” – Esther Young

“The advantage: you own the device and do the treatment whenever you want to” – Monique

“The CACI Microlift personal facial toning device enables you to conduct your own CACI sessions at home. This is really convenient as I am too busy to make regular CACI appointments.” – Janice

 Liv’s tips:

Reaffirm your goals: I find that the 5-10 minutes the program takes is the perfect amount of time in my day to go over what I’ve got to do for the next – as well as repeating my personal goals so that they’re fresh in my mind before bed. Being cordless, this little device has optimum flexibility in being carried around – so thoughtful pacing is optional.

Listen to some new tunes – the perfect opportunity to keep up to date with the latest music releases from Justin Bieble or Micky Ninaj or whoever else is putting out rad beats right now. Cordless means you might be tempted break out some moves, but don’t poke yourself in the eye.

TriPollar STOP – 20 mins

This is the ‘big’ one. As effective as the Tripollar STOP can be at boosting collagen, reducing wrinkles and making skin look youunger (it’s our best-selling anti-ageing device of all time), 20 minutes is a enough of a chunk out of your time that you could potentially end up in a ‘I’ll do it tomorrow” situation. Bit of a shame when CurrentBody customers have described the STOP as “the best investment I could have made” and as their “secret uplift weapon against age” (not-so secret now though…). Finding these precious 20 minutes isn’t as hard as you might think – and the results will be so worth it!

What’s the verdict?

” I am a frequent traveller and it is difficult for me to spend time to have treatment at beauty salons. Finally, I tried the TriPollar STOP. It is user friendly and they have different plugs for us to change, it allows us to use during travel.” – Chris

“The beauty of the Tripollar means that I can give myself a facial whenever I feel like a treat.” – Susan Foy

Liv’s tip? Some reviewers have recommended using the STOP during the day for the best results, so coincide your daytime downtime with turning back the clock on your skin.

Soak up your soaps – I’m a big fan of Neighbours. Skip the breaks trying to get you to reclaim PPI and watch your soapy goodness online instead – gifting you a perfect 20 minutes in which to turn back the clock on your skin.

Catch up on blogs – if you’re lucky enough to have an iPad (you lucky devil you) then this one’ll be a piece of cake and  is a great way to turbo charge your time – keeping up to date whilst making sure you look great. (FYI – I update the CB blog once a week…)

I’d love to know what time-saving tips you’ve got for your favourite products – just tweet me over at @CurrentBody.

June 5, 2013