’s better-than-boring health & beauty advice

This month at CurrentBody, we’re all about rediscovering the health and beauty goals you may have set aside. It happens to us all – with the best of intentions sometimes we put ourselves second when there’s so much other stuff to deal with.

Thing is, as eager as you are to persevere with a new start, we can’t help feeling you’re probably bored of hearing the same old advice over and over. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t want to knock the stuff your nan always told you her nan used to do – but we reckon all those age-old tips and tricks can all be improved upon with a bit of technology thrown in. So without further ado…

Boring? No, better!

1. Drink more water (…but what about my blemishes?)
The crème de la crème of health and beauty tips. Better skin, more effective workouts, an aid to slimming, an aid to digestion, detox magic… Let’s just say anyone who isn’t drinking enough of nature’s little miracle ought to reassess their priorities ASAP. But whether it’s new-found or age-old, don’t waste your mermaid or merman-like water intake! No matter how much you’re working on beautifying from the inside, impurities still build up outsideMake the most of all that goodness coming from within and make sure you buff away any yuck shielding that inner radiance with the Clarisonic Cleansing System (‘Sonic Cleansing’ is 100% as awesome as it sounds – trust me). Clarisonic gives a 6x better cleanse than cleansing with hands alone – so you can be sure you’re doing your best for your skin from the outside in as well as the inside out.

2. Get your beauty sleep (…but what if I can’t?)
Getting enough shut-eye has always been important, but with more and more studies coming out suggesting that sleep can affect mental health (a tired brain is rarely a happy one), fertility, and can even help you live longer. However, sometimes it’s not that easy – often a busy schedule can lead us into a dodgy sleep pattern, or stress can mean it’s hard to sleep at all. If you’re having trouble, SAD light therapy can be used with amazing effects, to help both regulate and improve the quality of your sleep. The Lumie Bodyclock Active has tons of options for waking you up slowly and naturally (no matter how early you’ve got to get up… sad face) but also employs the same technique in reverse to simulate a sunset – helping you wind down for bed and ensuring your mood, energy and productivity are all at their best for the next day.

3. Lead an active lifestyle (erm, with what spare time and motivation?!)
Such a simple phrase. Sounds so easy, like we all roll out of bed rearing to go (and with loads of time to do everything we want to). Motivation, confidence and self-belief doesn’t come easily to everyone.
If motivation is your barrier, then m
y better-than-boring advice in this category is to find a way do yourself a favour… whilst doing others a favour. Volunteering has been linked to reduced chance of stress, heart disease, and depression, as well as being a great motivator and confidence booster. Get yourself to where you can search by area and interest to find loads of amazing projects near you. Outdoor activities get bonus health points from me – two birds, one stone.
Mind you, I know that no matter how motivated you are, time doesn’t always rain down from the heavens upon us too often either. For those who are deficient in the time department, all of our Slendertone products can be used to super-charge your workout so that all your efforts are given an extra boost – in fact, we just uploaded a bunch of Slendercise videos which demonstrate perfectly how you can use Slendertone products actively and make the most of the temporal gold dust.

4. Stop dieting (…but what about this godforsaken cellulite?)
Now stop right there – here’s one piece of advice that I admit is too true but seldom followed. I know it’s tempting to give a fad diet a go when a celeb or three are shouting about it from the rooftops – but really, the key to body and beauty success isn’t making yourself miserable over a piece of carrot cake you treated yourself to at brunch. A healthy diet and lifestyle can’t be beat, but some bodily bits and bobs can’t simply be denied carrot cake until they disappear – cellulite being a main culprit! The HoneyBelle Bodybuffer (the no.1 best selling beauty tool at Harrods I’ll have you know) gives an oscillating massage that boosts blood and lymphatic flow, stimulates collagen formation and stretches fibrous tissues to improve elasticity. 70% of women clinically tested found a significant improvement in the appearance of their cellulite after just 30 days. Take that, bodily bits and bobs!

One last thing… don’t forget that looking after yourself properly means rewarding yourself from time to time... (it’s a great motivator after all). Why not take the time out to relax after all your hard work with one of our fantastic range of foot baths and massagers?

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