Combatting swollen legs with Talika

Relieving swollen legs with Talika Legs Tonic

While admittedly it’s not one of the most glamorous topics to talk about, swollen legs can be incredibly inconvenient. If you’ve ever spent a long day on your feet, you’ll know how painful water retention can be.

The cause

There are many factors that may cause bloating and swelling in your lower limbs, from lymphedema, hormonal fluctuations and post-pregnancy changes to intense sporting activity and even flying. Sometimes it’s the hot weather that causes your sandals to dig in, sometimes it’s salty or spicy food that can make you feel puffy.

Such swelling is often nothing to worry about, but can be uncomfortable as you wait for it to subside naturally. Traditionally, health experts have recommended combating swollen legs with everything from gels and compression stockings to light exercise and nutritional supplements. However, these methods often take time to work their magic and fail to relieve that feeling of tightness.

Currently, the main solution offered is lymphatic drainage massage. It’s a specialist technique that uses natural pressure points and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate lymph flow back to the heart. While this method has been tried and tested, the expert nature of the treatment makes it expensive and not always readily available. What’s more, the manual application can take time to have a visible effect, when most people long for quick relief and fast improvements.

Legs Tonic - How to get rid of swollen legs

The new remedy to swollen legs

That’s where Talika comes in. With a background in scientific innovation, Legs Tonic follows on from the success of their previous light therapy and iontotherapy technology. This time, the Parisian team of beauty experts have developed a revolutionary way to tone and streamline your lower limbs.

Taking its roots in ancient Chinese medicine, the clever device works on the concept of Meridian touch points. It treats your pressure nodes as junctions on a connected energy highway, gently massaging them to enhance general wellbeing across your whole body. The electrode patch wraps around your calf to stimulate these points, providing a targeted treatment to give you fast relief. The portable, battery-operated solution has been designed to combat swollen legs when you’re on the move, reducing swelling up to 4 times in just 20 minutes.

How does it work?

Gentle electrostimulation technology (EMS) activates the muscles on your lower legs to boost circulation and encourage lymph node drainage after prolonged period of motionless standing or sitting. The electrode patch wraps around your calf, clipping together with the handheld device to start the treatment. Two small buttons on the white accessory allow you to adjust the intensity of the treatment across 32 intensity levels, creating a personalised workout.

Moreover, Talika suggests adopting several yoga poses to enhance the treatment’s effect, allowing you to benefit from the results while standing, sitting or lying down. The result is relaxed legs that feel weightless, giving you an immediate lift. Definitely one to keep in your office drawer or travel bag to provide instant relaxation after a long day.

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