Christmas Gifts For Mum: A CB Guide

Finding an adequate gift for the woman who gave you life is no easy task. Make up for all the late birthday cards and unrepaid loans from The Bank of Mum and Dad with one of these incredible Christmas gifts for mum. If it’s the favourite child spot you’re after, we’re pretty sure we’ve got it covered.

iluminage laseriluminage Beauty Skin Smoothing Laser

Help your mum harness the power of light this Christmas with the iluminage Beauty Skin Smoothing Laser. It’s the first U.S. FDA approved at-home laser clinically proven to reduce lines and wrinkles. The sleek, handheld device can be used to take off those years of ageing, sun damage and the effects of stress. Give the gift of younger, fresher skin, and an at-home spa experience.


LightStimLightStim for Wrinkles

Giving an anti-ageing gift for Christmas can be difficult terriory to tread, but the LightStim for Wrinkles is sure to be a welcome under any Christmas tree. It’s clinically proven to reduce wrinkles using light alone – no invasive procedures or messy chemical peels. It’s the same technology used by medical spas, dermatologists and plastic surgeons all over the world, so it’s amazing to be able to achieve fantastic results from the comfort of your own home.


Rio Eye RefreshRio Eye Refresh

Being a mum is the most tiring job you can do, and puffy undereyes are one of the giveaway signs of tiredness. The Rio Eye Refresh is small enough for mum to pop in her makeup bag and take everywhere, so she’ll never be far from a refreshing undereye treat. There are four treatment programs to help tone and refresh, prevent ageing, assist cleansing and stimulate blood flow. Bye bye puffy eyes!



Nicknamed the 5-minute facelift, this device is proven to train the muscles in the face to combat the signs of ageing. Using microcurrent technology, this pain-free treatment sends safe and gentle waves through to skin to help stimulate the muscles and smooth out fine lines. It’s also customisable with different treatment heads for precision use and a wrinkle-busting light programme.


Tripolar StopTriPolar STOP

One of our most popular anti-ageing devices is the TriPolar STOP, a facial toning device that promises results in just six weeks. The STOP can be used on the face, neck and hands, or you can purchase the TriPolar POSE, which can be used on the rest of the body. It uses radio frequency technology to heat the skin in a safe but effective way, resulting in increased collagen production which mimics the effects of fillers.


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LightStim for Wrinkles

LightStim for Wrinkles



NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Kit

NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Kit



December 2, 2015