For The Man Who Has Everything: Christmas Gifts For Him

His Amazon wish list is always empty. He goes shopping for a new coat/pair of shoes/bag two weeks before Christmas. And when you ask him what he wants, he just shrugs and say, “whatever, I’m not that fussed”.

This is probably every man in your life, which is we’re come up with this list of top Christmas gifts for him. And it’s chock full of things he doesn’t even know he needs yet. Guess who just won Christmas. That’s right, you!

Christmas gifts for him

1/ Shiatsu Massage Chair 2/ Clarisonic Aria 3/ Foreo Luna 4/ Compex Fit 5/ Foreo ISSA

This Shiatsu massage chair is the perfect gift for any man who suffers from back problems or who struggles to wind down at the end of a long day. The chair allows the user to create a custom massage experience for the neck, back and lower back.

The Clarisonic isn’t just for women. Some men swear by it for helping them to achieve a smoother shave, and for keeping oily faces in check. The Clarisonic Aria for Men is a beauty device they won’t be afraid to whip out at the gym.

Another facial cleansing device for me, the Foreo Luna has been designed to tackle men’s skin problems. One side is for everyday cleansing and will help to open up pores before a shave, and the other side features anti-ageing ridges designed to spot treat problem areas. And it’s small enough to pop in a toiletry bag when they’re on the road.

If you’re looking for a gift for the athlete in your life, you can’t go wrong with a Compex device. It can be used to soothe aching muscles after a workout, or to tone muscles as part of a rehab or fitness programme.

The Foreo ISSA is a revolution in dental care, and one of the most hygienic toothbrushes available. Instead of using bristles, which are prone to gather bacteria, the ISSA is a medical grade silicone head which only needs replacing once a year. It takes a bit of time to get used to the high-intensity pulsations, but it is worth it!

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