Christmas Gifts For Dad

Christmas gifts for dad

What do you buy for the man who says he wants nothing? Don’t leave your dad unwrapping silly gifts like novelty mugs and days-of-the-week socks this Christmas – buy him something he’ll actually love! Our selection of gifts for a pain-free and relaxed life are perfect for all the hard-working dads out there who deserve a little pampering this Christmas!

Christmas Gifts for Dad

Beurer Easy Fix Heating Pad

If you dad is always complaining about neck or back pain, this could be the ideal gift to help him ease his aches and pains this Christmas. It wraps around the body and fastens securely, and then delivers safe and adjustable heat to all the right spots – no more burns from messy hot water bottles that need refilling every half hour. This can also be rolled up and used as a brilliant heated neck support! Your grandad will probably love this, too!


Back NodgerBack Nodger

Although not strictly an electrical health item, we’re still big fans of the Back Nodger at CB – there’s always seems to be at least one kicking around the office! It’s designed to help you work out all the knots in your back without having to hand over a penny to a massage therapist. And since you control it yourself, there’s no more ‘up a bit, left a bit, no, not there’ to deal with, just happy and relaxed muscles!


Foreo ISSAForeo ISSA

The Foreo ISSA is a revolutionary electric toothbrush, and quite simply the future of dental care. Unlike a traditional toothbrush, the unhygienic nylon bristles are replaced with a silicone brush head that only needs replacing once a year. The battery lasts for an incredible 365 uses, so you’ll have around 6 months between charges. And the high-intensity pulsations remove plaque and massage the gums for an effective but gentle clean.


Shiatsu Foot MassagerShiatsu Foot Massager

This incredible foot massager has 18 touch points to help relieve tension, soothe the feet, and boost circulation – perfect for anyone who spends most of the day on their feet. There are two massage speeds, which we call ‘blissful’ and ‘heavenly’ and there are three massage points for each foot, targeting the heel, ball and toes. There will probably be a squabble over who gets to use this next on Christmas day…


Shiatsu Seat CoverShiatsu Massage Seat Cover

Like the foot massager, this Shiatsu Massage Seat Cover delivers a Shiatsu-style massage from the comfort of your own home. There are six massage heads on each side which mimic the traditional finger-tip pressure style of a Shiatsu massage. Pop it in the car, on your favourite desk chair, or in an armchair in front of the TV. Wrap this up under the Christmas tree and your dad will be looking forward to his most relaxed Christmas yet! We also have a range of massage chairs available.


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Beurer HK 55 Easy Fix Heating Pad

Beurer HK 55 Easy Fix Heating Pad



Back Nodger

Back Nodger